triathlete lays injured

With the latest National and International news reporting careless or irresponsible flying of  drones or to be more precise, multicopters the latest craze being taken up by people all over the world, we would like to impress on members of the general public that RC Aero clubs whether fixed wing or helicopter take their hobby seriously and follow strict guidelines for safe flying.

There are responsible professional people using this equipment to work in the television, film industry and for surveys and agricultural purposes.  Then there are the keen amateurs enjoying this new pursuit whether FPV or just aerial photography but in a safe manner in non sensitive areas.  But as usual there are a minority who fly inconsiderately or in a totally wrong enviroment.  ie; near airports, large crowds with little or no experience and most likely no insurance. Any recorded footage they hope to be the first to post on the likes of YouTube, Facebook,etc.  Below are some examples of recent incidents from around the world.

US firefighters have condemned drone owners who flew their craft near forest fires and grounded helicopters being used to douse flames

A Lufthansa plane nearly collided with a drone as it was approaching Warsaw's international airport in Poland

Australia's air safety body is looking into reports that a triathlete has been injured by a falling drone

These are headlines we don't want to see but we are fully aware of the consequences if an air collision happens.  For your information see the rules regarding UAVs below

The rules for UAV within the UK are:

  • An unmanned aircraft must never be flown beyond the normal unaided ‘line of sight’ of the person operating it. This is generally measured as 500m horizontally or 400ft vertically.
  • An unmanned aircraft fitted with a camera must always be flown at least 50m distance away from a person, vehicle, building or structure.
  • An unmanned aircraft fitted with a camera must not be flown within 150m of a congested area or large group of people, such as a sporting event or concert
  • An unmanned aircraft fitted with a camera must not be flown if being used for commercial purposes without CAA approval.

Wimborne Model Aero Club only fly fixed wing aircraft.   We do not support helicopter flying.  Many other clubs may do but we do not.  Virtually all model aero clubs are BMFA (British Model Aero Association part of the Society of Model Aeronautical Engineers appointed by government to oversee this pursuit)  affiliated and therefore all members are covered by public and personal liability insurance.  Those clubs and ourselves take pride in conducting our pursuit of our hobby in a safe and responsible manner.  Recognised, licenced flying sites and complying with Civil Aviation rules and the Air Navigation Orders.  We ensure that model aircraft are flown by responsible pilots or novices under supervision.  Training new flyers to a reasonable level including knowledge of all safety aspects recommended by the BMFA and the Club's own rules and no-fly zones.

Safe flying is not Discretionary!