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Albatros D5

Scale Day 2 was blessed with a bright sunny September Sunday after the washout of previous Saturday. Quite a reasonable turnout although more pilots were expected. Numbers may have been down due to holidays. We had members from Salisbury MFC and Wincanton too. Unfortunately, due to a lack of a tug after an issue on Slim Gregory Day we did not have any scale glider models arrive on site. However, a number of members just came to watch the flying and picnic including friendly banter. There were also a couple of visitors and families who seeing the road signs came up to watch too.

With quite a wide range of models flying there was eyecandy for everyone. From WW1 biplanes, British and German to WWII fighters, the venerable Spitfire and the P47 Jug (on it's maiden flight) to Korean and Cold War jets.


Flying started on the dot of 10.30am after the pilots briefing. Pete Chilver's Panther F9F got another airing piloted by Jon and later in the day Pete himself got some stick time. Ah! the smell of kerosene.......... Not to be outdone John Ireland's Hawker Hunter got in some good flights during the day too.

Simon had finally finished the P47 with the Saito from the old Mustang (now in Chris Morris's hands). After a bit of fiddling with the prop balance Jon took the sticks and taxied out for the maiden flight. With the smallest of roll out it climbed gracefully in to the air, wheels up and many circuits and rolls. Low fly pasts too for the camera shots. Simon looked a little apprehensive but the touch down was a non event and big smiles all round. Videos of the Panther, Hunter and Jug are in the Video section of the website plus video of most of the other models too, Albatros, Stearman, Tiger Moth and Spitfire.

Sadly Richard's big DC3 was written off. Scrolling through the video frames shows the starboard engine stalled and also with him turning right down wind at the time, created an unrecoverable spiral in from low height.

Lunchtime saw burgers, sausages and Summer salad for those who wanted it and this time we had no left-overs! Tea and Coffee on tap too.

Those who attended, flying or not were given voting slips for best model and best flight in their own opinion. The results were totted up and the Votes cast gave best model to the Albatros by Pat Cuss. Best flight for John Ireland's Hawker Hunter which was only just pipped at the post for best model too. Award certificates and bottles of wine were presented to the winners by Phil Ford.

Well that is all the Scale Days for this year and look forward to 2017 with hopefully a bigger turnout and lot's more different models.