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Tiger Moth 25 % Flown by Richard Bristow

The Wimborne MAC on behalf of the Southern Area BMFA held a ‘flying only’ Scale Competition on Sunday 24th September 2017. With attendance at scale competitions across the country declining, it was felt that a low key competition in the Southern Area would be a good way to give the average club flyer an opportunity to experience some competitive flying, which would be fun and offer them an opportunity to focus their flying in a scale manner. Who knows, it may even encourage them to have a go at other competitions, or the Nationals.

 southern area bmfa

scaleday shelterThe weather on the day was overcast but mostly fine with a forecast threatening a strong crosswind, which may have discouraged a few of those living at a distance from risking a wasted journey. However, four competitors braved the conditions with a variety of models. There was a beautiful ¼ scale Flair Tiger Moth, modelled on one based in the local area at Shoreham. This model was flown by Richard Bristow of the Waltham Chase Club. There was a lovely 1/3rd scale scratch built model of a Bristol M1c with 120” wingspan and flown by Pat Cuss of the Warminster Club and he is also a member of the Dawn Patrol team. Kevin Ross of the Wimborne Club flew his lovely 28% Decathlon and event organiser Peter Willis, also from the Wimborne Club, flew a little 1/8.5 foamie Freewing DH112 Venom in the Swiss display scheme.

image right Ian Bryant studying the results board, with Peter Turley & Dave Burstow winding down at the end of a long hard day

Judges for the day were David Tappin (Wimborne Club) who is an experienced Jet World Masters Chief Judge & F3a International Judge and Ian Bryant, of the Warminster Club, who is a very experienced scale competitor and Judge. They both made copious notes on the score sheets, which were offered to contestants at the end of round one to allow them to learn and try to improve the score for the second round, which every competitor managed to do.

Despite the lack of contestants there were quite a few spectators, who all seemed to enjoy the event and many comments were made about the fabulous facilities the Wimborne Club have access to, along with the well oiled organisation the Wimborne Club is becoming known for. Most of the spectators also participated in the Raffle with over £200 worth of prizes, many of which had been donated by Southern Area model shops. Peter Willis the event organiser said he was extremely grateful to Andover Model Centre, Modellbau UK and Sussex Model Centre for their generous support of the event by allowing us to subsidise costs via a Raffle. He also said he was very grateful to the Southern Area BMFA Committee for funding the lovely trophies.

At lunchtime Peter put a different hat on (his Chefs hat, one of many he wears!) ably assisted by Phil Ford (who also acted as official photographer/videographer) and provided some lovely BBQ burgers and hot dogs, with apple pies for afters. Tea, coffee and squash, with biscuits & sweets had been available from first arrivals, to the very end of the day.

david richard prizegivingThe winner on the day was Richard Bristow (see left) with his lovely Tiger Moth and I think his flying style could be summed up when one of the spectators was overheard to say ‘He is flying it so scale like you would think it was a real Tiger Moth’. What is even more encouraging is that this was his first ever competition, which was the whole point of organising this event. Kevin Ross placed second with his 28% Citabria, Peter Willis was third with his little DH112 and Pat Cuss placed fourth with his large Bristol M1c.

Everyone who attended seemed to enjoy the day and several asked, what about next year? Whilst it was a little disappointing to have so few entrants given all the hard work that went into organising the event, Peter Willis felt it had achieved it’s principle aim to encourage club scale flyers to ‘Have a Go’. Peter is already talking about next year’s event, which hopefully will be better supported once word gets round, then there will be even more spectacular scale models for spectators to watch.

image above - David Tappin presents top award to Richard Bristow

A lot of lessons were learnt about organising such Area events and Peter Willis offered his grateful thanks to all those who helped the event run so smoothly, especially the judges David Tappin and Ian Bryant, along with the S. Area Committee members David Burstow, as score keeper and Peter Turley, as raffle ticket seller. Most importantly the Wimborne MAC and it’s various members that helped and supported the event.

However, the most important thanks go to those pilots who stepped out of their comfort zone to ‘Have a Go’ and hopefully learnt a little more about the sport as a result.

A footnote to the event is that one of the judges, David Tappin (see image below) had been given an 80th birthday present from his family of a flight in the Tiger Moth at Shoreham and Yes, you guessed it, it was the exact one modelled by Richard Bristow, not that this influenced any judging of course!

tigermoth david 800


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