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Club Night October 2018 saw members enjoy presentations from two notable members, John Ireland and Simon Dean with their giant scale models.

 John Ireland started with a short PowerPoint history of a Russian warbird, the MiG-3 and described his construction of a large model of the aircraft from a now unobtainable kit. John has incorporated some worthwhile modifications to the original kit, notably the internal mounting of a tuned pipe which not only improves the scale appearance, avoiding the usual disfigurement of an external expansion chamber, but also significantly augments the power of the 3W 55i motor while reducing noise.


John’s ingenious method of adding a 1 Kg nose weight as far forward as possible was interesting too (no he didn’t make the spinner out of lead!). John included some excellent video from the video camera of Phil Ford of the MiG’s maiden flight which was conducted by Jon Tappin.  Watch MIG 3 video here

mig3 corsair header

 Simon Dean followed up with the story of how he became the owner of a 1/4 scale Corsair powered by a mouthwatering Saito 80cc 3 cylinder radial engine. The acquisition of a second hand model is rarely a walk in the park and Simon’s model was no exception. Amongst other things it was more of a long kneel in the airfield until he eventually unlocked the secret of starting the engine.

 We are indebted to John and Simon for a couple of very interesting sessions. There must be many similar stories from among our membership and I look forward to future opportunities to hear them.

David Tappin