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This year it actually happened on the day planned!

The weather was near perfect for our WMAC Open Scale Day on Saturday 14th. Very early starts for a few of us, final mow of runway, road signs to be located, field layout marked out and a central communication tent set up. By the time the early volunteer starters had finished their tasks by about 8.30 some vehicles were starting to arrive and unload their models and the flight line was now beginning to fill up with a wide range range of scale models.

 P1010477Our reach of Open Scale had even reached as far afield as South Wales with the arrival of Doug Jefferys who came along with some 1/3rd scale classic civilian models, Piper Cherokee, Cessna Skylane 182 and Luscombe Silvaire. We also had six Salisbury MFC members supporting our event and they were again having a good day and have said they always enjoy flying at our field. At 10.15am I asked Jon Tappin to give a pilot's briefing and with no questions we were set loose to fire up, enjoy the day and fly.

 Behind the pilot box we had a shelter set up. This acted as the refreshment area for hot and cold drinks, pilot registration area and also a sound system for some suitable background music. The latter was used later when Jon flew his turbine flash (yes we know it is not scale anything) but the flash was flown to the tune of "Those Magificent Men in their Flying Machines" just for a bit of comedy!

 Our scale flying day allows for any size of model, small to giant, foam to traditional wood/balsa to composites so everyone has the opportunity to fly and display their models. There is no competition just pilots and friends enjoying a day of scale like flying. However, voting slips are given to pilots logged in who over the course of day can vote for their favourite plane. This would be in their opinion the Best Model and Overall Best Model/Flight, the latter to be able to present to a Wimborne MAC member the Scale Cup which had been in the keeping of Simon Dean and his Corsair from Scale Day 2018.

 A fun spectacle was enjoyed a few times with a number of edf warbirds from Korean War era of the 64mm class, MIGs, Sabres and a rogue F105 Thunderchief, well those that survived the last battles from our EDF/Jet Day mass launch that some of you may remember. Around three minutes of manic flight and all on cheap 3 cell lipo packs!

 One of the highlights of the day was Jiri Nedved who came with his giant scale YAK 130 twin turbine. It took some time to set up and it also had to have final inspection and clearance by the LMA due to it's size and weight. After the first flight and Jiri had settled in to the Yak and he later had another flight. It is an impressive jet to see and in flight.

Award Presentation

jiri scale cup 450doug bestmodel 450 Mid afternoon was set for a Presentation of the Best Model Award and Overall Model/Flight. The votes had been counted and it was a tight call to a variety of the models flown. For Best Model the Cessna Skylane by Doug Jeffery (image left) was presented the award by Phil Ford.

 We now moved on to Overall and this was so close with three models in the frame narrowed down to two as the Overall Model/Flight had to go to a WMAC member.

 The winner was Jiri Nedved (image right) and the Scale Cup for 2019 was presented by Phil Ford to Jiri. He was a bit overwhelmed but obviously over the moon. He said that it had taken many many hours to get the YAk130 set up and ready for flight and the award of the Cup had made all his efforts being recognised. He said that in his home country they do not usually do anything like this and therefore he thanked everyone there for their support and the award of the Cup.

 After the Presentations everyone was invited to enjoy the rest of the day and stay till late if they wished and many did. Which is just as well because since that day the weather has generally being going downhill.

 Thanks must go to those volunteer members, no names but most of you know who they are, who helped out prior to the day and on the day itself. Without your help events like this would not happen.

 Photos of the Scale Day 2019 are available in our Photo Gallery. Many were taken by members and also keen photographer Richard Tamblin.