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Wimborne Model Aero Club celebrated it's 40th year in grand style at our Cashmoor flying field on Sunday 11th August.  This event was combined with the Slim Gregory Memorial Day which has been a fun day event previously. 

Club members, their families and invited guests were welcomed by a fantastic grass field and warm sunny weather, although as forecast there was some showers early that morning.  Wind was a little brisk from the North-West.

For the children there was an AeroJet competition where they were given an Aerojet to assemble, decal and colour and then later which jet stayed in the air the longest.  There was a Flight Simulator on a large screen TV, running on Phoenix 4 in the Clubhouse which kept many children and adults amused for hours.


For pilots there was a range of competitions to enjoy although some had to be curtailed due to time restrictions.  Between the competition rounds pilots had time to just have general sport flying.

bbq chefs in actionAlongside the Clubhouse there were three BBQs in use manned by "master chef" volunteers, no burnt offerings this time.  Under the canopy, being kept topped up by Ray was two kettles on a portable gas stove.  Although it was a warm day, tea was being drunk in copious amounts.  That's Brits for you!

As a bonus to the BBQ a glorious selection of Gateaus were located under the maquis tent along with salads and sauces.  Black Forest for me!

The one thing about Grand Days out like this, is meeting old friends, catching up on a wide range of subjects but usually rc flying and making new friends.  Lot's of time to chat and banter and have a relaxing day out.

Competitions - Duration Flights, engine idled.  Climb high and stay aloft for as long as possible. Easy!  Or is it? This competition was scrutinised by Jon except for when it was his turn obviously.  This was well subscribed which was why some other competitions had to be shelved. Shame really as many of us were looking forward to the Limbo comp especially as it was mooted that we may add inverted too, just to make things interesting.

We couldn't believe that Dave Bright won the competition, even though he turned up late and borrowed Simon's model too.  But there again that's Dave!  Skilful or just lucky?  Well done Dave!

Top Four Slots were:

  • Dave Bright - 25 pts
  • Simon Dean & Jon Tappin - 20 pts
  • Phil Anning (Guest) - 19pts
  • Mitch & Chris Morris - 16 pts

Full results can be found on the forum under 40th Anniversary topic, page 3     Thanks to Jon Tappin - Adjudicator

The children were not bored or left out with plenty of activities to do.  The clubhouse was used as a workshop for them to assemble the AeroJets, coloured pencils supplied.  The girls appeared to make more effort in decoration!  It was suggested to one of our young female members, Chloe, to add some ballast to give more weight and therefore more distance in the competition.  This cheat apparently backfired on us as she informed us that the other lighter AeroJets went further, blown along with the wind.  Ooops!  Sorry.  Ah well, she was compensated by having a couple of good flights with her proper plane.  She is nearly ready for her "White Card".

All in all a fantastic day for all, very enjoyable and many thanks must go to all those who helped out and worked in the background to ensure everything went to plan.