The Jet Modellers Association’s Flying Only Scale Masters  September 3rd 2022.  This event is a flying competition for scale jets to International Jet Model Committee (IJMC) rules and open to a maximum entry of 15 pilots.

The event in it’s current form has been going since 2018. To begin with it was known as the Jet Modellers Association (JMA) Top Gun, an informal ‘pilot’s choice’ style competition which was run during the JMA fly-in held annually at Westonzoyland on the Somerset levels or, more recently at RAF Merryfield near Ilminster in southwest Somerset. The first one I attended was back in 1995.

The change to a much more formal competition was mainly to provide an opportunity for scale jet enthusiasts who may have had ambitions to be part of a UK team for the Jet World Masters (JWM) to experience the flying element of that event. Although England and Scotland had entered teams in the JWM in the past, right up to 7th JWM held in Northern Ireland in 2007, interest began to wane for a number of reasons, largely cost - it is as expensive to transport a large model long haul as it is to transport it’s pilot! The JWM is not an FAI event so financial support from The BMFA for team travel to World or European Championship events isn’t available as it is for every other discipline. However, when the event takes place in Europe, transportation becomes more practical. The 2021 JWM would have been in Austria but Covid-19 got in the way but the honour of running the 2023 event has been won by France and will take place near Toulouse.

The opportunity to reawaken interest in forming a National team by exposing potential entrants to the experience of flying in a JWM has, so far taken place during JMA Fly-ins held at BMFA Buckminster.  However, due to several reasons this has been shelved.

New Event Date

The WMAC committee have generously agreed to make Cashmoor available for the 2022 event which will take place now on September 3rd 2022.  (See Calendar for Times)  Only JMA members are eligible to compete but all WMAC members are most welcome to spectate and offers of help for field preparation and maybe a lunchtime BBQ would be appreciated.
What you will see will be some beautiful scale jets models flown by some very experienced pilots over three competition rounds to schedules of eight manoeuvres selected from an approved list. The second round flown to a different choice of manoeuvres from the first with the third round being a repeat of the first.

If anyone needs more information please call me, email me, or PM me through the forum.

If you did, thanks for taking the time to read this.

David Tappin