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Warning! These Are Not Toys!

Even a small electric model's prop could easily do a lot of damage to a person so flying and using RC aero models safely is paramount.

Getting in RC flight requires the purchase of an aircraft model, motive power, fuel and/or batteries depending on whether you going to us electric or glow power. A receiver and transmitter and other small essential accessories, glow plug driver, fuel pump.

Some models come ready to fly (PNF or RTF)  but still require some assembly.  Read the article "Getting into RC" on this website will help you decide.

Taking up a new hobby or interest can be exciting and daunting at the same time. Lot's of questions run round in your mind.   How much is it going to cost to get started?  Where to start?  Wimborne Model Aero Club (WMAC) offers help and advice in taking up radio control flight to all ages and abilities.

Whether you have flown before or not and do not have a model just yet then come along to our airfield for an introductionary flight with the clubs trainer aircraft and one of the clubs instructors.  We do have"buddy box" equipment, this is two transmitters linked by cable, the instructor has the master and you take the slave.  Once in the air the instructor can flick a switch and you will have control.  Exciting!

 After your initial flight the instructor will be able to give you some advice and judgement on how long before you can fly solo, which is all newbie pilots ultimate goal.  Also at this time if you haven't purchased already, he will suggest a suitable model, radio equipment and basic tools to get started subject to your budget and whether you prefer electric or glow fuel power. Chat with other members for even more advice and recommendations although not always the same.

OS 0.55  Two Stroke

The following article will give you an insight to what is required basically to get started into RC Flight with a high wing trainer type model powered by a glow fuel two stroke engine.  The modesl used for this purpose are the Seagull Boomerang and the Black horse Speed Air but many other models follow a similar pattern. Both these models are trike landing gear, they have steerable front wheel and two main gear landing legs.

 You can also compare the cost of getting started with either glow or electric.

You will need some items for your tool box and these will be explained....

 What basics do I need to get started in Glow Power?

Electric Motor and Fittings

Electric Power- Set-Up

The following article will give you an insight to what is required basically to get started into RC Flight with a trainer type model powered by a brushless electric motor.  The model used for this purpose is the MaxThrust Riot but many other models follow a similar pattern.

 We will take you through in simple form the types and versions available, the assembly, setting up, testing and preparation before taking your new model up to the flying field where you should consult an experienced pilot who will give your model a check over before it's maiden flight.

There are a few more specialised items you will need for this type of model but read on....