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General Safety Rules for RC Clubs

  1. If arriving at the field first, set up the frequency boards and set up the pilot box
  2. Check the model structure and linkages when assembling your model at the beginning of each session
  3. Insert club card into the appropriate slot in one of the frequency boards
  4. Check all controls for correct orientation
  5. Range check at the start of each new session
  6. Position the model facing away from the pits and other people when running up the engine.
  7. Always use a model restraint, either mechanical or human, when starting engines
  8. Check for loose items near the propeller and behind powerful models, before starting your engines, eg cables, tools, neckstrap
  9. Get behind the engine immediately after starting, only remove the glow starter and run up the engine from behind the propeller.
  10. Always remember electric models are ‘live’ when the battery is connected, treat it as you would a running IC engine.
  11. For I.C. engines always carry out a full throttle nose up check for a minimum of 20 seconds. This is recommended before the start of every flight and particularly following a heavy landing.
  12. Check for models on approach and alert other pilots already in the air before taxiing out
  13. Avoid flying too far down wind on windy days, you won’t get back to the field in the event of an engine cut
  14. Avoid flying near the sun and never through it.
  15. Strictly avoid over flying “no fly” zones i.e. pits, pilot box, car park, huts, buildings etc.
  16. When several models are airborne, it is recommended to use a spotter to minimize the chance of a mid air.
  17. Never taxi directly towards the pits
  18. When collecting models from the field, it is recommended that the transmitter be left in the pits area.
  19. For electric models the transmitter should be left with a helper as the motor will still be ‘live’.
  20. No smoking in the Pits area or anywhere near fuel.

.  Ensure Visitors and Guests are aware of these rules.