David Tappin Award

David Tappin Award

Recognition for long service to Aeromodelling

David was an aeronautical engineer by training but ended up with his own company designing, manufacturing and marketing safety and efficiency equipment for the construction industry.  David sold up (for early retirement) in 1996 with the intention of devoting the rest of his life to family, aeromodelling, jazz and travel.  An aim towards which he says he is still working.


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CAA - DRES Goes Live


The CAA have launched their DRES system on the 5th November to allow operators of unmanned aircraft to pass a competency test and register as operators. .

They have also launched a scheme to return lost ‘drones’ to their registered owners (see

As has been widely discussed, with effect from the 30th November 2019, the law requires that anyone operating an unmanned aircraft outdoors which weighs more than 250g (except control line models, rockets or balloons) is registered with the CAA and able to provide documented evidence of their competency.


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Update - CAA/BMFA


Further to the announcement earlier this week by the BMFA. We will be working with the CAA to clarify the detail of how we can best assist our members to comply with the Registration and Competency requirements which were introduced in the 2018 changes to the Air Navigation Order and become law on the 30th November 2019 for those operating unmanned aircraft.

The changes to the law are in part to address established issues arising from unlawful operation, but also to help facilitate the wider integration of unmanned aircraft into the airspace in the future.  The Queen’s Speech of 14th October announced the ‘Air Traffic Management and Unmanned Aircraft Bill’ which introduces mechanisms for modernising airspace and Air Traffic Services and provides the Police with new powers to deal with the unlawful use of unmanned aircraft.


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Open Scale Day 2019

This year it actually happened on the day planned!

The weather was near perfect for our WMAC Open Scale Day on Saturday 14th. Very early starts for a few of us, final mow of runway, road signs to be located, field layout marked out and a central communication tent set up. By the time the early volunteer starters had finished their tasks by about 8.30 some vehicles were starting to arrive and unload their models and the flight line was now beginning to fill up with a wide range range of scale models.


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