Monday 20 August 2018


SABMFA at Army Flying Museum

tiger moth

Monday 28th May 2018 saw the Southern Area BMFA once again support the Museum of Army Flying with their Wartime Wallop themed Family Fun Day. A large and impressive static display of many types of model aircraft from FPV Drone Racer through Helicopters, Free Flight, Sport/Scale/Sailplane models, Turbine models to impressive 33% International Miniature Aerobatic Club (IMAC) & 33% Scale Tiger Moth aircraft.

The static display was supported by 3.5 hours of flying demonstrations in near ideal weather conditions apart from the very early part of the display when the 700-800ft cloudbase, formed after the fog had burnt off, limited the vertical manoeuvres possible. 

The cloud quickly dissipated into a very warm and sunny day with many attendees saying they ended up a bit red by the end of the day (note for next year, make sure more sunscreen cream is available).

Low-Cost 600RES - Round 1 (2018)

waml competitors


Low-Cost 600RES Competition  Scores after the 1st round at Cashmoor on Sunday 27 May 2018

The first round of the 2018 season was flown at Cashmoor in superb sunny, almost perfect, conditions, the earlier date at Flamstone Farm having been cancelled because of the weather. After an experimental year in 2017 it was decided to use the CAM height limiter, set to 30 seconds motor run time and 150m altitude.

 There was a good entry of eight competitors all of whom had arrived with great enthusiasm for the new season. The event consisted of four rounds, resulting in a total of twelve slots. Not counting any fly-offs at the end of the day for pilots with equal scores, each pilot flies four times in this Round Robin competition. The slots are so designed that each pilot will fly once against every other pilot in the competition.

Southern BMFA Scale Flying 2017

Tiger Moth 25 % Flown by Richard Bristow

The Wimborne MAC on behalf of the Southern Area BMFA held a ‘flying only’ Scale Competition on Sunday 24th September 2017. With attendance at scale competitions across the country declining, it was felt that a low key competition in the Southern Area would be a good way to give the average club flyer an opportunity to experience some competitive flying, which would be fun and offer them an opportunity to focus their flying in a scale manner. Who knows, it may even encourage them to have a go at other competitions, or the Nationals.

Wessex AML 600RES Results

Winner 2017 Andrew Fellowes

Scores after the 5th & final round.  We missed the heavy rain of the previous week and were fortunate that Sunday turned out dry, but only just. The fifth and final round of the 2017 season was flown at Cashmoor.  We again used the CAM height limiter, set to 30 seconds motor run time and this time set at 150m altitude. There was a good entry of 10 pilots with the event consisting of five rounds run to the now familiar round robin format. The slots in each round are so designed that each pilot will fly once against every other pilot in the competition.