News from Website Administrator. I will not try to bore you with goobledegook but also explain why over the period of Christmas the site may have not worked as expected.  Over the 2014 Christmas Period the website has had a major overhaul in administration interface and also the theme, colours and frontpage display.  The frontpage is our anchor to the world wide web and those interested in RC Aero flying.

With a major leap in technology especially with regard to Tablets and Smart Phones capable of handling many communication applications as would a desktop computer would do, websites have to develop too.  Websites have to respond display wise depending on the device downloading and retrieving pages.  Also making allowances for Touch Screens as per new Windows 8.1 Tablets and most Smart Phones.  WimborneMAC's website now complies with latest devices.

The template which lays out the page is created on the fly against the old method of static pages, ie, MS Frontpage and similar page creation programs now know as "Apps", a new name, rather than just saying programs or software.

Our website was running on a core system 2.5.28 which was the last update in the series.  Support was discontinued as of 31st December 2014 on this now mature and stable version.  With changes as mentioned above the new core ver 3 had to be migrated over to.  This can be an un-nerving experience as things could get corrupted and loss of data. Obviously, a backup is made of the original site just in case.  Plus many of the thrid party components, plug-ins need to be verified and updated to the latest versions compatible with Ver 3, first.

Once the old site stored safely I now have to instigate the migration which is automatic and once "execute" is clicked you just wait until it finshes.  No going back.  In fact it went quite well, although some third party items had to fiddled with.

The old template Ceruleas which although very eye-candy was replaced after viewing various, with Oculus, a semi transparent layout and fast loading. Bright and clearly readable text, small devices like simplicity.  The template is "Responsive", it adapts to the size of screen and the viewing device.

Other Notable Changes

The Download application did not update very well, so had to be un-installed.  I tried another application but it had some features left out  that I felt were necessary.  I eventually had to install the original application albiet, a fresh install which went well, but it meant I had to upload every file still on the server manually, not a task I relish but had to done. The help of Phil C in testing was essential here as he and a few others would be using it from the frontend.  It's new menu item is Resources

The Classified application has been removed due to lack of use, either that or no-one is selling anything.  To reflect this the Forum has two new categories under WimborneMAC Members.  For Sale or Exchange and Wanted.  These categories have the same restriction as any other category under Members. No publicly viewable, so you can add a tel number, email address or ask for PM via Messaging service.


Clearing out junk.  Time consuming but keeps folder organised and logical. Deleting orphaned images, files, etc.  Tweaking layouts and modules.  I would not like to think of the man hours used, probably a good few days but a necessity and my responsibilty totally.  I hope you like the new website, faster loading and clean visually.

Thanks for your time to read this news article.

Phil F -  Web Adminstrator