Phil Webster and Dave Bright

Following on from Phil Coupe's suggestion to Radio Wimborne presenter Philip Webster to come to Cashmoor and have a trial flight, this offer was taken up more quickly than initially thought and hasty arrangements on a suitable date were put together. Thursday 22nd Jan, although quite cold to say the least was the most likely candidate for a trial flight session. A quick call out to instructors was made and our very own slightly bearded Dave Bright said he was available.  That little problem solved, David Tappin was keen to help as requested and brought along his Boomerang turbine jet.  Phil Coupe had his SIG Rascal, the same model that he had described on the radio show previously.

On a bright but cold Thursday, Cashmoor welcomed Radio Wimborne’s Philip Webster. He was met by David Tappin, Dave Bright, Phil Coupe, Tommy Foster, Frank Robinson and Kevin Ross, the three latter members making use of a good flying day.  Although Phil Coupe's Rascal was planned for Mr. Webster's trial flight, an electrical issue grounded it.

Grabbing the initiative, Dave B gave the club's Speed Air a quick charge and after some issues with the nose wheel, some engine tuning plus a donated OS-F glow plug from Kevin, three successful flights were carried out with Philip Webster showing great promise - as it happens he does hold a PPL which may have helped a bit.

For demonstration purposes David T's gas turbine had two faultless starts for sound effects, demonstrating better reliability than two other electric models and one glow powered model.  How strange!

It was conveyed to Mr Webster that during the winter months, some models lay idle and need some maintenance before flying, an explanation which was accepted.

I had planned to be there also to record the event but fate took a hand overnight unfortunately,

In spite of the fact that Mr Webster’s commentary made us sound a bit of a noisy bunch, in fact, we take pride in our care to project an image of a responsible group of noise conscious flyers. Thanks must go to the members who did make it to the field and helped to get some good PR for the Club and RC flying in general