It is with regret that we announce the death of Cyril Heath, one of our eldest active members at 84. His model flying career goes back much further than his membership of WMAC.

He has flown most of the slopes in Dorset with scale gliders, his favourite, being a Ray Jones MB339 Aermacchi PSS which he converted to propeller power for flying at Cashmoor. He also flew amphibian planes in Poole park when the park keepers weren’t looking!


We loved him for his eccentricities whether it was having his car re-sprayed to a lighter colour so that it was more easily seen or meticulously recording field notes for all his aircraft after every flight. He tended to modify most of his planes so that they were easier to fly usually by strengthening and canting the undercarriage forward. The funeral is at 3pm on Monday 21st September at Poole & Wimborne Woodland Burial Ground BH21 2RG


Rick Churchill


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