DH Comet Racer example

Sunday 27th, heralded WimborenMAC's second Scale Day albiet the first one in May was cancelled due to weather conditions. As Flight Director, I was up bright-n-early on the day to put out the road signs and get things organised..Sunday was warm with an EastSouEasterly swinging during the afternoon to SouSouEast and back again with wind speed averaging 8mph but gusting up to 15mph. There was a heavy dew overnight but this soon burned off.

Pilots from Winchester Club, Beaulieu and Christchurch attended also with a vast array of WWII warbirds, WW1 bipes and even Triplane. Some lovely examples of civvy planes too, including a silver DC3 (Eastern Airlines) glow powered and an eyecatching DH88 Comet Racer EP, "Grovenor House" winner of the 1934 MacRobertson Air Race.

trevor ray 350Warbirds on show and flown were FW190, Spitfire, numerous P47 Jugs, nearly all were "weathered" which makes them look possibly tatty but also more realistic. Out of all the WW1 warbirds the Fokker Triplane made for eyecandy especially with machine gun effects and pilot animation.

All models were scrutineered by my assistant Colin, targetting "fail-safes", all cleared except two which due to their receivers only having failsafe on the throttle and the owner chose not to fly.

Kevin Ross put on an excellent graceful, aerobatic show with his Decathlon. Colin gave his Otter Twin a whirl also. Their other models were probably flown but I may have missed it at the time. Probably, hovering around the BBQ manned dutifully again by Phil C complete with navigation flags apron. Ably assisted by Stuart and Ray. Now throw in a healthy menu of 98% beef-burgers, sausages, rocket, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, coleslaw and fresh soft bread rolls.

There were no mishaps except a bomb prematurely fell off in the next field from one of the warbirds but was retrieved in no time at all. Pilots had to play it just right on landing due to the wind direction and speed variation but all safely landed each time.  The Stuka was intently watched at landing if at least by the WMAC members. The last Stuka owned by a WMAC member tip stalled justt on touchdown and cartwheeled causing serious damage.

martin and rayAt the time of pilots logging in they were all issued with a voting slip and some spectators too. They had two choices, Best Model and Best Flight. These were collected up at 1500 hrs and the votes counted.

The two top contenders for Best Model were close but the DH88 Comet " Grovenor House" won. Best Flight, classified as runner up went to the Fokker Triplane which also would have won Best Model but for two votes.

At 1530hrs the winners were announced and the awards were presented by our President, Ray Ivey to:

  • Best Model - Trevor Hewitt - DH Comet (Christchurch)
  • Best Flight - Martin Armstrong - Fokker Triplane (Winchester)

Congratulations to you both.

Most pilots stayed on till late to make the most of the fine weather and our excellent flying facilities. Winchester were impressed as it was their first time visit to WMAC and wish now to be included on the Club's Event mailing list.

Bring on next year for another round of Scale Days.