Slim Gregory fun day

2016 - The annual Slim Gregory Fun Day was a great success!  Weather behaved and many took the opportunity to come and fly, chat with old friends.  Great stuff!  David Tappin was the event organiser and he wrote the following article.

Cashmoor was in peak condition, the weather was excellent, there were well over 80 attendees, expert cooking was provided by Graham Tarrant’s parents, and some excellent flying took place. What more could we have asked?

Thanks to the efforts of around seven of our most club minded members, track clearance and site preparation during the lead-up had the field looking its best and the landing area, now officially christened “Frank’s Runway” was closely mown and used for every take-off (and most landings!).


As well as continuous general flying we had a few slots reserved for something a bit different from the usual Cashmoor happenings. Chris Hague, ably assisted by his son Gus, and our own Colin Arnold ran a couple of control line specific slots with a number of our members and guests having a go. Fortunately the models carried enough fuel for less than six circuits and, in the case of a couple of our more senior members who suffered from early onset giddy staggering, that was about four laps too much.

Many pilots made use of the good weather conditions and during the day we had warbird formation flying.  Well,  it started off that way but it gradually became a “blue on blue”. Until one then another had to drop out, running out of electrons!

A short demonstration of helicopter 3D flying from a twelve year old (yes you read it correctly 12!) from the son of Phil Coupe’ next door neighbour who also brought along a very nice turbine powered scale helicopter for static display.


Another Chris, the Williams one, attended with some fellow glider guiders and, thanks to the tugging by Steve Morris, we enjoyed some great flying by three monster scale gliders. At one time there were four aircraft in the air, all three gliders plus the tug which had towed them up, quite an achievement.

Mid-afternoon the ice cream van arrived with cooling desserts.