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The first round of the Wessex Round Robin Low-Cost 600RES electric thermal gliding competition took place on the 21st May at Cashmoor with kind permission of the Wimborne MAC. There was a good entry, good flying conditions and some close competition. Height limiters were used today, set at 200m and 30 seconds.  There was a good entry of ten competitors all of whom had arrived with great enthusiasm for the new season. The event consisted of five rounds, resulting in a total of nineteen slots. Not counting any fly-offs at the end of the day for pilots with equal scores, each pilot flies five times in this Round Robin competition. The slots are so designed that each pilot will fly once against every other pilot in the competition.


Andrew Fellows, Chris Hague and Jeff Fellows picked up maximum scores with flights of under six minutes. However, Round 2 produced some close competition with Jeff Fellows maintaining his unbeaten record with wins over Mike Sims and Malcolm McKendrick. James Parry surprised everyone, himself included, with a superb flight of over seven minutes to beat Roly Nix and Bob Corfield. Andrew Fellows continued his unbeaten run with a win over Ian Pratt who seemed to be unable to avoid the adjacent field on landing.

In Round 3 Jeff Fellows continued his unbeaten run, Malcolm McKendrick picked up his first and only win of the day, and Mike Sims beat Roly Nix by a mere 8 seconds. However, Andrew Fellows suffered his only defeat of the day when landing over a minute before Chris Hague.

Round 4 produced some more very close contests with flight times creeping up to around eight or nine minutes. Ian Pratt narrowly beat James Parry, Rick Churchill beat Bob Corfield by a similarly small margin, Jeff Fellows then lost his first flight of the day by just 19 seconds to Chris Hague.

Flight times continued to improve in Round 5 and having flown for over nine minutes Rick Churchill was beaten by a fast improving Mike Sims in only his second season flying in this competition. With his repaired model Rick Churchill flew his catch-up flight in this round, but was first down. Although Malcolm McKendrick managed his best flight of the day of over nine minutes, he was therefore unlucky to be flying against Chris Hague who had somehow contacted some strong lift and was struggling to get his model safely back on terra firma. Chris Hague had remained unbeaten all day to secure first place on the day. With only one defeat each up until now Andrew Fellows narrowly defeated Jeff Fellows and established their second and third place overall finishing positions

Mike Sims beat Rick Churchill and James Parry to secure fourth place with six wins throughout the day. Ian Pratt and Rick Churchill were equal on points and in a short fly-off finished in that order. James Parry exceeded his own expectations and after picking up three wins secured seventh place overall. With two wins - and it so very nearly could have been more - was Roly Nix in eighth place. Bob Corfield won the fly-off for ninth place against Malcolm McKendrick.

Congratulations go to Chris Hague on his overall win, remaining undefeated all day.

The Cashmoor results:
1st Chris Hague 9 wins;    2nd Andrew Fellows 8 wins;     3rd Jeff Fellows 7 wins;
4th Mike Sims 6 wins;    5th Ian Pratt 4 wins;    6th Rick Churchill 4 wins;
7th James Parry 3 wins;     8th Roly Nix 2 wins;    9th Bob Corfield 1 win;
10th Malcolm McKendrick 1 win.




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