Winner 2017 Andrew Fellowes

Scores after the 5th & final round.  We missed the heavy rain of the previous week and were fortunate that Sunday turned out dry, but only just. The fifth and final round of the 2017 season was flown at Cashmoor.  We again used the CAM height limiter, set to 30 seconds motor run time and this time set at 150m altitude. There was a good entry of 10 pilots with the event consisting of five rounds run to the now familiar round robin format. The slots in each round are so designed that each pilot will fly once against every other pilot in the competition.

 For once, all of the test flights were completed successfully and Round 1 got underway. This resulted in maximum scores for Ian Sapsed, Jeff Fellows and Andrew Fellows, who had to fly for 12 minutes in order to beat Mike Simms and Roly Nix.

However, as the wind speed increased Round 2 produced wins with relatively low scores but with maximum scores for Chris Hague by the narrowest of margins over Bob Corfield, Jeff Fellows and Andrew Fellows. James Parry outflew both Mike Sims and Malcolm McKendrick to register his first double win, but proceeded to land out and hence scored a big zero instead.

In Round 3 overall flight times showed a marked improvement as pilots finally found out where there was lift. Malcolm McKendrick was only narrowly defeated by Roly Nix. A close contest ensued between Peter Rose, Chris Hague and Ian Sapsed only for Peter to land out and lose his potential wins

Round 4 continued to produce good flight times and close contests. Flight times of over eight minutes were required to give wins to Andrew Fellows, Peter Rose and Jeff Fellows. A new force to be reckoned with, Bob Corfield, collected his fourth win by narrowly beating Roly Nix.
With an entry of more than nine pilots the event required a fifth round which produced yet more very close contests. There were wins by less than 10 seconds for Chris Hague against Malcolm McKendrick, Andrew Fellows against Jeff Fellows, Roly Nix against James Parry and finally Bob Corfield against Ian Sapsed. And so to the fly-offs: Malcolm McKendrick beat James Parry by 33 seconds for eighth place. In the fourth place fly-off Roly Nix beat Mike Sims by a scant four seconds, Chris Hague having landed nine seconds earlier.

This was the fifth and final round and with the best four scores to count the overall series win was in doubt right up to the last event between Andrew Fellows and Chris Hague. Both needed to win today and congratulations to Andrew on his overall win, Chris came second in the series with Jeff fellows in third place. See full details in the table below indicating that a total of 12 pilots contested the series throughout the year. See below: Andrew Fellows receiving the excellent trophy which has a history dating back to the 1930’s, lent by Bournemouth MAS.

The Cashmoor results are as follows:
1st Andrew Fellows 9 wins; 2nd Jeff Fellows 8 wins; 3rd Bob Corfield 6 wins;
4th Ian Sapsed 5 wins; 5th Roly Nix 4 wins; 6th Mike Sims 4 wins;
7th Chris Hague 4 wins; 8th Malcolm McKendrick 2 wins; 9th James Parry 2 wins; 10th Peter Rose 1 win.

Our thanks go to the Wimborne MAC for the use of their excellent flying field at Cashmoor and once again a special thanks must go to Gordon Cook who single-handedly completed all of the time keeping. After a successful season we look forward to the Awards/Fly/Feast event on Sunday 5 November at Cashmoor,



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