600RES Summary - 2015

happy 600res pilots line-up

Once again we were able to fly five rounds during the season of this now well established electric thermal competition. Besides flying at Cashmoor we were fortunate to be able to hold rounds at three other local club flying sites, Salisbury MFC, Tarrant Hinton and Marlborough MFC. Throughout the season a total of 16 pilots entered the Round Robin series, seven of whom were WMAC members. The contest consists of one flight against each entrant throughout the day and the number of individual wins determines the winner on the day.

Five rounds were held with the best four scores counting towards the overall placings. The flying order and scoring system are computer generated, thanks to Rick Churchill, a whizz kid with Microsoft Excell spreadsheets. This, together with a 12v 240v inverter and printer keeps track of the round robin scoring and produces a print out at the beginning of the competition for every flight of every round. It was universally approved by everyone and was instrumental in the smooth running of the competition, thanks Rick.


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Frank Robinson

frank team line-up

A Tribute to Frank Robinson

Frank Robinson

Remembered by David Tappin and Kevin Ross

Frank died peacefully at the Forest Holme Hospice in the early hours of Monday December 7th, his wife Judy was at his side.

Frank has been a member of the Wimborne Model Aero Club (WMAC) twice, he joined a year or two after the formation of the club and quickly became a leading light, his knowledge of all things mechanical made him a popular member of the training team both as an instructor and general problem solver in the days when the vagaries of glow plug engines were a mystery to most.


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Scale Day - Sept 2015

DH Comet Racer example

Sunday 27th, heralded WimborenMAC's second Scale Day albiet the first one in May was cancelled due to weather conditions. As Flight Director, I was up bright-n-early on the day to put out the road signs and get things organised..Sunday was warm with an EastSouEasterly swinging during the afternoon to SouSouEast and back again with wind speed averaging 8mph but gusting up to 15mph. There was a heavy dew overnight but this soon burned off.


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The Late Cyril Heath

It is with regret that we announce the death of Cyril Heath, one of our eldest active members at 84. His model flying career goes back much further than his membership of WMAC.

He has flown most of the slopes in Dorset with scale gliders, his favourite, being a Ray Jones MB339 Aermacchi PSS which he converted to propeller power for flying at Cashmoor. He also flew amphibian planes in Poole park when the park keepers weren’t looking!


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