Mike Darnell

We are sad to advise the membership of the death of Senior Member Mike Darnell on Saturday February 7th after a short illness.

Mike has been a member of the WMAC twice. Mike, his father Des and his son Adam were very active in the days of our flying site at Ashley Heath but left the club, joining the Avon Club when our use of the Ashley field came to an end.   Des is no longer well enough to fly  but, upon the closure of the Avon Club site when it’s owners converted the land into a solar farm, we were pleased to welcome Mike and Adam back when they rejoined us in mid 2014.

We offer our condolences to his wife Susan and son Adam.

Photo on right shows Mike with his Corsair last year, 2014.  It was a maiden flight of this twin 60cc gas warbird.  After some stating issues caused by an oversight in the throtle config, it started easily and had a successful first flight much to his and our joy of this classic and popular aircraft.


Dan Reece 75 years Modelling & Aviation

Dan's Model Bleriot

Air, Sea and Balsa wood – Part 2

Dan Reece speaks of 75 years of modelling and full size aviation

At the September 14 Club night, a talk was given by one of our members, Dan Reece. Part 1 finished in 1951 with Dan flying Mustangs for the Royal Australian Air Force.

Part 2 of Dan’s talk covers his later years especially in Australia.


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Presenter Samples RC Aero

Philip Webster

Following on from Phil Coupe's suggestion to Radio Wimborne presenter Philip Webster to come to Cashmoor and have a trial flight, this offer was taken up more quickly than initially thought and hasty arrangements on a suitable date were put together. Thursday 22nd Jan, although quite cold to say the least was the most likely candidate for a trial flight session. A quick call out to instructors was made and our very own slightly bearded Dave Bright said he was available.  That little problem solved, David Tappin was keen to help as requested and brought along his Boomerang turbine jet.  Phil Coupe had his SIG Rascal, the same model that he had described on the radio show previously.


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Club Goes Local Radio

Philip Webster, presenter with Radio Wimborne, interested in all things local contacted the Club requesting if we could do an interview about the Club, what we do and RC flying in general.  The chat was recorded at the Allendale Centre around midday and our illustrious secretary, Phil Coupe was the only member available to do this, although with some reservation.

In fact he did an excellent job at short notice.  The interview was aired on Radio Wimborne lunchtime and again on Forest FM on Friday 16th January during Philip Webster's evening show.  The show also contained music with flying and air in the song lyrics.  Now isn't that professionalism?


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