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Now that the website has a new look and feel, I thought it maybe time to relax now and get back to some RC maintenance.  Alas this was not to be.  The Community component ver 1.9,  which handles registration, your profile, PMS (private messaging system) and links it all together with the Forum, has had a new update that I had not noticed. Version 2.0.1. The latest version on the admin side is clean and tidy as per the Website's admin panel.  Simplicity the key and logical layouts.


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New Look Website

News from Website Administrator. I will not try to bore you with goobledegook but also explain why over the period of Christmas the site may have not worked as expected.  Over the 2014 Christmas Period the website has had a major overhaul in administration interface and also the theme, colours and frontpage display.  The frontpage is our anchor to the world wide web and those interested in RC Aero flying.

With a major leap in technology especially with regard to Tablets and Smart Phones capable of handling many communication applications as would a desktop computer would do, websites have to develop too.  Websites have to respond display wise depending on the device downloading and retrieving pages.  Also making allowances for Touch Screens as per new Windows 8.1 Tablets and most Smart Phones.  WimborneMAC's website now complies with latest devices.

The template which lays out the page is created on the fly against the old method of static pages, ie, MS Frontpage and similar page creation programs now know as "Apps", a new name, rather than just saying programs or software.


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Chloe Gains Pilot Status

Chloe with her model

Earlier in the year Chloe made frontpage on the BMFA magazine proving that flying is not just for boys.  Although nearly a year has passed in which the weather did not help with flight training and the fact that she was ready for the club assessment she was just waiting for the right time and the right conditions.

Although Autumn so far has been a bit wet and windy, Saturday November 15th saw a break in the weather and we are pleased to announce that she passed her assessment quite easily. So, congratulations to Chloe.  She will now hold the "white card".  We hope this will encourage other younger members to join the club or make concerted efforts to pass their basic pilots test.  Although we still have around 40 senior members still on "red cards".


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New Mower Improves Field

frank on the mower

If you have not been up the field lately then you may have missed a greatly needed improvement to Cashmoor.  For some time now a central  airstrip has been mowed using the donated mower to reduce the rolling resistance for small models and edf jets.

  Also reduces the chances of nose-overs, snapping props and damaging cowlings.Frank, one of our members being always up the field early has taken on responsibility on maintaining this strip.

But it is hard work going up and down the strip even with a powered mower, I know because I have done it myself.  Maybe time for an upgrade to make this easier?


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