Scale Day 2

WWI Chase

The early morning of Sunday October 5th was chilly, windless and rather damp after the horrendous day before of continuous rain.  By 9 o'clock the sun began to dry out the field and a blue sky could viewed with a scattering of white clouds.  What an excellent start to the final WMAC SCale Day and so it continued all day albiet the SSW wind picked up a little by midday but did not cause too many problems.

Arriving by 10 o'clock with still and video camera in hand, I found the safety fence in position and Graham and Frank had the "kitchen" all set up and the BBQ ready to fire up. My job for today was "kettle monitor",  standing in for Ray (do you like that title Ray?).  Graham maintained the supply of sausages and "evenly cooked" burgers.


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EDF and Jet Day

BAe Hawk

WimborneMAC annual EDF and Jet turbine day was held on a sunny Sunday on the 28th September.  Unfortunately we had to place turbine restrictions on the event with only members jets to fly.  The Club also allowed general flying alongside the programmed event.  We had quite a few EDF (electric ducted fan) jets brought along by members and a mass launch of Phazers (HK foamies), a Tiger.

Turbine flights were made by David Tappin's Boomerang, piloted by his son Jon.  Dave Bright brought along his new acquisition, an even larger scale BAe Hawk which in due course will be fitted out with a turbine.  We just hope it doesn't take two years to see the maiden like his last Hawk.  No more excuses!


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600RES Round 4

Wessex AML Members

Scores after the 4th round at Cashmoor on Sunday 7 September 2014.  The fourth round of the 2014 season was held at the excellent flying site of the Wimborne MAC in fine weather conditions and with a steady westerly breeze. An excellent entry of 11 competitors arrived early and after the pilots’ briefing a few practice flights took place. The moderate winds provided good lift - sometimes too good - and throughout the day there were plenty of opportunities to find and stay in it. Five pilots flew for the full 15 minutes - Ian Sapsed even managed to do it twice - many other flights lasted for over 10 minutes.


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Dan Reece -Air Sea & Balsa


Clubnight Sept 12th. Dan Reece, saw active service as a pilot in the RAAF in the Fifties, talks about 75 years of aircraft and modelling.

Dan Reece speaks of 75 years of modelling and full size aviation At the September Club night, which will be held at Holt Parish Hall starting at 8:00, a talk will be given by Dan Reece, one of our members who re-joined the Club a year ago after along and eventful break.


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