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Wots Wot once an electric then a four stroke glow and now - electric again? I have flown this Wot Wot for years after I first acquired it when the model was released. It was then powered and built as per the instructions using an Emax GT 3526 motor which quickly got replaced by a SK3 5045. Running on five cells it was a joy to fly although you had to power it all the way to touchdown, it did not glide and too little airspeed and it would drop like a brick. Two of us found that out quite quickly.  Way back though in the last decade I decided it boring as it made virtually no noise.

magnatilla image

 When I moved house last year, the old loft needed to be cleared of 32 years of accumulated stuff including of course a hoard of models that had had one too many crashes but at the time seemed too good to throw away and the thought was - who knows, one day I might get round to repairing them. They say you’ve got to be ruthless when a loft is to be cleared and so in short order it all went into the skip.  Well I say ‘all’; in amongst the bits I found a tail plane and fin assembly plus a very broken mono wing, two ailerons and the rudiments of a wire undercarriage from a Flair Magnattila. 

ted 2 iage

Scrap Box Challenge

A Lockdown Project.  Hopefully by the time this is published, ‘lockdowns’ will be a fading memory. In mid-2020 like a lot of us, I was stuck at home (we weren’t allowed out) and everywhere was shut, including our flying field (I was a member at Sevenoaks & District MAC then) and the model shops. To pass the time, I decided to build a plane from my box of spare and offcut balsa and plywood, plus other bits and pieces I’ve accumulated over the years.

Completed Airframe

I first bought the model 2nd hand back in March 2018, it had been repaired following a heavy landing and although had been structurally repaired well, the paint was far from perfect and some small cracks had been covered with stickers. In addition I wasn’t that keen on the pink colour scheme (I have always been adamant it was purple, but now it has been repainted I’m prepared to admit it was pink!) so I had always had it in the back of my mind to repaint it one day.