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Top Gun - CML Me109e

Final Stages

With the wing close by to the fuselage connected up the retract airline.  With a full charge of air and using the TX I slowly increased the retract servo travel till it just operated the valve without groaning.  I was surprised how quick the retracts operated even with restrictors.  Even faster on spring return!

With that out of the way it was time to fit the wing properly and tweak the control surfaces.  Done!

The wheels supplied are hard foam so I will replace these with Dubro scale wheels with air-filled tyres - The latter absorbs impact on the landing especially when the landing gear is not Oleos.

The coolant radiators are grp and pre-painted so it's only a matter of marking their respective positions on the wing undersides and cutting away the film 3mm inside these lines for the epoxy to key into.  The superchager intake is located on the port side of the cowl where it meets the fuselage.  I will screw rather than epoxy this to the cowl and fuselage for added security as the cowl obviously will need to come off from time to time and the intake overlaps the join.

The wheel wells are designed to have the plastic inserts as supplied but the edges do need to be sanded and champfered down to get a reasonable fit.  I may just paint in the wheel wells with black paint.  If I do stick the wheel well inserts in I'll use silicon sealer - can always pull them out at a later date for maintenance, etc.

The wheel legs need to have the covers attached.  The manual recommends clear silicon.  I have used this method but I think they won't stay on long so may take them off before maiden and find another way of securing using small clamps.

And no model should take to the field without an "Idiot" aka a pilot.  Why idiot?  Well, if anything goes wrong I can blame the pilot rather than myself...  His name is Willy, short for Wilhelm.  He may acquire other names but we will start off with this one!