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wots wot ic

If you have read the previous article on the Wots Wot you will have read that this was the electric version.  The basic model comes without any mounting kit. You select the which kit you wish to use, i.e.; electric or glow. In the previous article I built my Wots Wot for electric using a SK3 5045, 660 kV motor.  The plane flew very nicely but I needed a that size motor for another project, and as much as I hate to "cannibalise" working models the motor had to come out.  not wanting a machine that does not fly I decided that a biplane such as this really needs a nice four stroke glow.  The following article describes the conversion back to glow, the opposite to what many do nowadays.

observer uav

(Updated  See bottom of article)  A project article on this Aerial or FPV aircraft from Hobbyking.  Formerly known as the Volantex Ranger it has been updated and re-marketed by HK as Quanum Observer.  The popularity of models with the abilty to carry video cameras has increased dramatically especially if you include multicopters.  However this fixed wing model looks more of a Drone, with it's new grey colouring and rather dramatic looks giving it that menacing appearance.  The airframe is made from blow moulded plastic, slippery surface like nylon, a texture similar to supermarket milk bottles.  The fuselage at just over a meter has a wide body up front and the wing is EPO at nearly 2 meters span with curved down wing tips.  The electric aircraft is of the pusher prop variety.

flyfly fox


Purchased from Gliders UK some time ago this 3 metre span sail plane had been unboxed and the bits standing in the back of the garage.  The early 2015 weather being rather inclement at present I decided that I would make some more effort to get this glider put together.  Previously I had fixed the stabiliser and rudder fitted their servos and connectors and installed servos in the wings.  Although designated ARF this model is far from that!

You can either motorise it or make it slope only.  The white fuselage is really smooth grp and the wings are traditional balsa / ply, white film covered and the wings do pass the "squeeze" test well.  The squeeze test using thumb and forefinger tells you if it has plenty of ribs to support the balsa sheeting.  The hardware comes in various bags unmarked and the manual is non existent.  Just a parts list on a exploded plan.  Not a big issue if you have built scratch models before or had some experience of numerous ARFs.

X-fighter  Powered EPP Wing

With the loss of the Marley Fighter, a fast powered wing with a fuselage made of gutter pipe, hence Marley Fighter I was really missing the old faithful after it disappeared on our Club's 40th Aniniversary Event.  So with this mind I thought it was time to build another power wing but maybe a little different this time.  For small money you can create an exciting flying object with standard electrics and all this based on a EPP wing designed for slope soaring generally.  The following build was founded on the JP Zagi wing.