Monday 22 October 2018


DuraFly EFXtra

efxtra green

Having owned and flown the EFX Racer (reviewed earlier) since it's release I was instantly attracted to the new EFXtra released in February 2017.Following on from the Durafly EFX Racer from 2014 the company have produced a new version called the EFxtra Racer. Available in three colours schemes, Bright Red, fluorescent Green and Bright Blue. Priced about 20 US dollars above the original EFX. So what changes have been made if any?

LiFePO4 Batteries

For a good number of years the RC community have been treated to the electric power qualities of Lithium batteries. Fast recharging and gradually increasing capacities with falling prices as they become more popular and demand is high.  Most RC users moved away from heavy NiCAd and Nimh cells.  Although this required a more dedicated charger as each cell needed to be monitored and balanced.   Lithium Ion was great for laptops, phones with good capacity and safe in use.  Then came along the Lithium Polymer (LiPo) with high power output and fast charging with bigger and bigger capacities and discharge rates now exceeding 60C or power output exceeding 60 times the packs' capacity.  The downside though was safety.  These packs if mistreated or abused could instanteously overheat and catch fire.  Main image Hobbyking

Wots Wot - EP

wots wot

Designed by Chris Foss and sold by Ripmax this biplane has become a popular model in an instant.  The first batch of models sold out quickly along with option packs.  The second batch turned up but the option packs were in short supply.  For me this put the purchase of the model on hold till the electric pack became available. This ARF comes as an airframe only, leaving the user to decide on the power option.

Phoenix 2000 EPO


This 2 meter glider from Hobbyking has been around for some time and at the time of this article version 2 is still widely available.  There are number of discussions on the two better known RC forums but to my frustration the threads go and on for umpteen pages and yet still no real information given. Some of it is guesswork, some posts ramble on about shipping, etc and making comments on the model even before they have it in their hands. So you have to trawl through the post in the hope of finding the information you require.  This is not the case here.  No debate but pure information.