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Having owned and flown the EFX Racer (reviewed earlier) since it's release I was instantly attracted to the new EFXtra released in February 2017.Following on from the Durafly EFX Racer from 2014 the company have produced a new version called the EFxtra Racer. Available in three colours schemes, Bright Red, fluorescent Green and Bright Blue. Priced about 20 US dollars above the original EFX. So what changes have been made if any?


The new version comes with a nice aluminium spinner and with two props. the smaller unbranded plastic one, 7 x 6.5 is used when operating on 4 cell packs. The larger APC-e prop 8 x 6 is for those wishing a more "sedate" flight on 3 cells. Durafly claim the battery area has been enlarged to take larger Lipo packs.


An upgraded 3536 - 1780kv outrunner motor with Japanese bearings, 60 amp Aerostar ESC are a step up from the original EFX. THey claim that you could use a 6 cell pack with a 5 x 5 prop but would need to upgrade the ESC to 80 amp.

The super compressed epo airframe is well made and has polished feel, glass and carbon fibre are used on high stressed surfaces, stabiliser and wings. Fast digital servos fitted, the ailerons having metal geared versions. Durafly have also clipped the wings, taking away the original's curved tips therefore enabling faster roll rate. The wings now have low profile plastic wingtips to protect the edges and improve airflow at the tips. As before the plane can be assembled in a matter of minutes with a few screws, your own receiver and Lipo pack.

Bonus if your in to FPV flight. The kit includes some laser cut ply parts and plastic camera cover. There are no instructions on assembling this FPV cam mount but on the lines of a simple jigsaw puzzle most users will not have no problem sticking it together. This replaces the battery hatch. The video TX sits on the new hatch and you use a small skeletal camera at the front. How you power the Video TX is up to you but possibly from the balance plug on the LiPo. One more item included worth a mention. Durafly have included a white plastic nose cone so can take the EFXtra slope soaring. Just remove prop and spinner! However, this review is for the plane as initally designed for.


  • Wingspan: 975mm (38.4”)
  • Length: 760mm (29.9”)
  • Flying Weight: 920g (32.45oz)
  • Wing Loading: 61g/
  • ESC: 60A Aerostar
  • Motor: 3536-1780kv Brushless
  • Battery: 1800~2400mAh 4S 65C or 2200~2600mAh 3S 65C (not supplied)
  • Prop: 7x6.5 for 4S or 8x6 for 3S (supplied), for 6S 5x5 (not supplied)
  • Controls: 4 Channel (Throttle, Ailerons, Elevator, Rudder)


My Review

I ordered the flourescent green version which may help in keeping hold of it visually. The model's two colour box came within a brown plain box. The excellent foam packaging holding all the components securely. THe biggest issue is getting rid of the packaging here in the UK with our local disposal regulations. A small poly bag holds the all the screws, clevises, another contains the props, spinner and even a cross head screwdriver.

The airframe was assembled in about 15 mins (similar assembly to the earlier version). I temporarily fitted a Spektrum AR600 paired with my JR DSX9 in conjunction with a 4 cell NiMh pack so I could set up the servos and control linkages. In my case I found I had to wind the clevis a fair way on which in some way is better than the opposite.

Because of the internal layout in the battery bay (same as earlier EFX) you really need a receiver with end pins. At present the AR600 which has side pin connections is half way into the battery bay. Ideally an Orange 620 0r 615 receiver would fit well in the recess provided, this being so in my earlier EFX.

The battery bay supposedly is larger but not width way but more length ways. My earlier EFX just about takes 4 cell Zippy 1600 maH Compact. Based on Durafly's claims I tried a Nanotech 2600 maH 4 cell and would not fit. Tried a 2200 maH Nanotech and a 2200 maH Zippy and thes ejust squeeze in. Of course as you seek a high discharge rate so the packs get fatter which brings you back to capacity again. Compromise?

The EFXtra was maidened in early July. I useda 2200 maH NanoTech 4 cell. Jon Tappin was the test pilot and myself as launcher. Just over half throttle and a good slightly up launch and it was away. Drops a little initially then throttle up some more and your screaming way. The day was a bit windy so trimming was a bit of fiddle but the Extra had no issues with the wind as it sliced through. after a few rolls , loops, inverts and outside loops, etc then the stall test. It just sat there for a moment then a wing dropped slightly and away you go again. Landings are non issue much like the earlier version. Turn into the wind and cut power way back and it glides in. Yes! I mean it glides on and on.

The claims of 100mph+, I wonder. Maybe in a dive. I found it difficult to compare performances of the EFX and EFXtra and if hter eis any difference then it is quite small. Although to balance in favour of the Extra, it has a better motor which runs cooler and larger cowl allowing more air flow through the fuselage and over the ESC. Still it is fast enough to thrill for my money. My favourite trick now it is regular use is to come low and slow across the airield and then WOT into a 45 deg climb till it is nearly disappeared, roll inverted and then half roll in a vertical down two spins and then pull back to level flight. I find the use of WOT load on the battery is balanced out by long fast idle glides and down lines. After the maiden using the 2200mAh NanoTech pack it was capacity checked and found to be down to 12% and quite warm, this on 4 mins so guess 3 1/2 minute flight better choice or 2 1/2 mins of frantic flight.


I love it and it is small enough to keep in the boot of the car. Well constructed and holding up well to my flying.  Good value for money. Spares available.


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