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HFP 25  Servo Programmer

A replacement for the discontinued HFP-20 is the more affordable HFP-25 Digital Servo Programmer from Hitec Radio Control,  a light-weight bench and field programmer and servo tester with integrated rechargeable NiMH battery for Hitec servos HS-5xxx and HS-7xxx digital servos and servos with the new G2 circuitry


The HFP-25 servo programmer has an easy-to-read screen, a low battery warning and manual and automatic testing options to assisting you in getting the most from your Hitec digital servos.

An added bonus too - approx 10% cheaper than it's predessor, the HFP - 20.  Shop around and you should be able to pick one up for about £55.00 GBP.

So, what is the claim to fame?


  1. Transmitter Pulse Width Measurement
  2. Receiver Voltage Measurement
  3. Direction of Rotation
  4. Speed of Rotation
  5. Fail Safe On-Off
  6. End Point
  7. Neutral Point
  8. Fail Safe Point Preset
  9. Rechargeable NiMH Battery Pack   (Optional)  Supplied with dry cells.
  10. Overload Protection Setting*
  11. Servo Resolution Mode Setting*     * Applicable to Hitec’s HS-7XXX series of digital servos only
  • The HFP-25 will program the following features of your Hitec digital servos:
  • All Hitec digital servos: Servo speed, dead band width, direction of rotation, fail-safe and position program.
  • All HS-7XXX G2 servos: Fully programmable, including OLP Rate and high resolution adjustments.
  • HS-50XX Digital Micro Servos: Overload protection

hfp25 endview One of the main bugs I have had to put up with, especially in scale models is having to use two channels for flaps and two for dual elevators.  Mixing in elevator to flap function has been a problem too.  If only I could change the rotation of the servos I could save myself two aux channels on my JR DSX9 .  I could also save on servo extensions although this may be balanced out with having to use more Y-leads.

Most of my aircraft have JR or Spektrum digital/analogue servos until now.  Flaps and dual elevator servos now have HiTec Digitals and future models requiring two servos for flaps and elevators will too.

For those into precision aerobatics using the HiTec 7xxx series servos all parameters can be set to your preferences, deadband, overload protection level, etc, etc.  HiTec doesn't have a vast choice of servos compared to other makers but the ones available cover most aspects and jobs to which you may employ them.

As HiTec introduce more and more servos with G2 circuitry down to the lower end servos so the more servos will be user programmable.  The unit will check basic servo operation of any other servo as a bonus. 

Overall I am pleased with this portable field/bench programmer and glad I didn't jump in, in it's early days as the latest version is much more refined than it's predessors.  There is still available another alternaitve to this unit and less than half the price of th eHFP25 but some parameters are limited.


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