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HFP 25  Servo Programmer

A replacement for the discontinued HFP-20 is the more affordable HFP-25 Digital Servo Programmer from Hitec Radio Control,  a light-weight bench and field programmer and servo tester with integrated rechargeable NiMH battery for Hitec servos HS-5xxx and HS-7xxx digital servos and servos with the new G2 circuitry

Century UK MX2

This aerobatic model from Century UK was reviewed in RCMF in 2012 and following the models progress in the RC forums it appears to be a good model for the price.  Not subscribing to RCMF I am unable to read their review so I will create one right here.  The story will go from the box to the air with as much detail as possible.

Wether you are planning to install just mains or trike retracts on scale model until now you didn't have much choice.  Some models usually in the 60 size or below would have mechanical retracts these being operated by rods connected to a single servo.  Pretty reliable if set up properly but in the event of a jam the servo would drag down your receiver battery and most likely cause a "brown out" or worse.  Unless you didn't have a weight problem and added a battery just for the retracts.