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This 2 meter glider from Hobbyking has been around for some time and at the time of this article version 2 is still widely available.  There are number of discussions on the two better known RC forums but to my frustration the threads go and on for umpteen pages and yet still no real information given. Some of it is guesswork, some posts ramble on about shipping, etc and making comments on the model even before they have it in their hands. So you have to trawl through the post in the hope of finding the information you require.  This is not the case here.  No debate but pure information.

Durafly EFX racer

Recently came on sale late last year 2014, the latest fast model from Durafly that it is not a funjet but a conventional style aircraft.  The airframe has been engineered to be both rigid and lightweight, utilizing both glass and carbon fiber reinforcements throughout the model in combination using compressed EPO foam and a smooth surface finish to deliver performance in the air.   Looks good too on the ground!  This model is the PNP type we are getting used to .  In two colour variations so pilots can distinguish which model they are flying as I expect a few to purchase this model for the just "Chuck-n-Go" ease for instant fun.

iCharger 306B

After the reviews of lesser chargers now lets take look at a more serious charger/discharger, the iCharger 306B.  This small unit can really give a big punch for it's size.  This particular unit sits in the mid-range for iChargers.  I purchased this charger after studying many other similar chargers, comparing price  and capabilities. My main reason for another charger was I have a Hangar 9 Beast which has big 6 cell 5000maH LiPo packs plus a Eflite Habu EDF which also is greedy for LiPo 4000maH  power.  My LX60B and GT Power X Drive would charge these large packs but oh so slowly.  Winter time with short daylight hours, then charge time is elevated to the top of the list.  Even during Summer season, waiting for an hour or two to charge just one big pack is not my idea of fun.

GT Power X Drive Multi-Charger

Following on from the Fusion LX60B I now take an overview of the GT Power X-Drive.  Depending on where you buy it and when, it comes a multiple configurations of the front panel.  Some are horizontal and some are vertically orientated and this unit also comes in numerable disguises but they all share virtually the same internals.  Your never sure which maker is copying who!

The unit I am covering here was purchased from GiantCod now known as GiantShark about 2 years ago for approx £82 GBP.  The reason was I wanted to charge multiple batteries at the same time, mostly three cell LiPo which I had lot of and fitted in various aircraft.  So, to reduce waiting time between flights this may be the answer. Four independent channels with four independent balance sockets.