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Fusion 60B Pro

Let's take an overview of the Fusion LX60B Pro Charger Elysium.  Winter flying?  Cold and short days?  Who wants to play with glow fuel, flicking props with cold hands?  This is where electric flight has an advantage.  Plug in a battery and go.  If your considering electric flight as an alternative or something else rather than an IC engine, there are a few things to consider.  I am assuming your looking at LiPo packs for power.  NimH is virtually redundant now for aircraft although still used in RC Car and Boat.  So, how many batteries will I need, how to charge them.  Well it's all a matter of how much flying you wish to do in any one session and how much to spend.

This article is my second foray into the Eflite World.  I was therefore keen to see if the Habu II was the same quality as the Beast 60E.  After watching many times members fly the EFlite Habu 1 and how good it really was I was tempted to acquire one myself.  The Habu 1 was discontinued but now the Habu II is available and stocks are at the time of writing good.

The Habu II is an updated Habu I, more colourful and the Guys at Horizon have taken onboard modellers comments.THe model is formed from Z-Foam, a quite dense foam.  THe PNP play version which this review covers requires only your TX and a suitable 4 cell LiPo battery.  The model comes with pre-installed ESC, Ducted fan unit, AR600 receiver and servos.

The Eflite Beast 60E has been around for a little while now and I thought it was time for my quick review of this model from a  UK user and flyer, the first one for me from the Eflite stable, although I am a previous multiple buyer of Hangar 9 models from Horizon Hobby. It is designed for 3D areobatics and the hi-voltage servos and avonics powered directly from a 7.4volt LiPo.

With the loss of one of our Flair Kite trainer models due to high speed impact with terra firma maybe it was time to look for a good replacement for the well used/abused Kites.  After pondering and reviewing many models I decided that we should have an electric powered trainer for faster turn-over of flights.  Plus we should take advantage of freebie energy and going "Green".  Recharged from our Solar Charging system, therefore refuelling is free.  No oil, glowplugs and prop flicking.