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With the weather not being helpful and being confined to being indoors I thought now is the time to do some just jobs and modifications I have had on the backburner for a while.  I am surprised at how quick they can mount up especially when you have quite a large number of aircraft.  There is the 4 foot wingspan Ripmax Mustang to figure out why it flew like a heli and was left in the Club container for nearly a year, when the MK1 I had flew great from day one and lasted 2 years plus, and that includes two Bygone Days Events piloted by WMAC member Dave Bright who only knows full throttle and off.  Then there is the MX2, of which I have four, two orange (Century) and two blue/green (Hobbyking).  The former are Century UK versions and the later are Hobbyking versions.  Both these models are discontinued as of May 2014 although there are still stocks around at time of writing.  Limited spares from Century but none and never was from Hobbyking.  Originally I bought two models on the basis that I would have one for spares as I watched the amount of spares available reducing quite dramatically.

Century UK MX2 Issues.  This article is more of a heads up for those of you with this model or thinking of purchasing one.  You don't expect too much for the price but hope it wil give you some decent length of service.  When it is flying it is great fun and fairly lively which you should expect from an aerobatic model.  Being mainly a scale flyer, I purchased the MX2 to practice aerobatics, get used to large control surfaces before committing my more expensive models to the airspace.  My thoughts were if I break it I can probably patch it up and not have lost a lot of money, especially if I can retreive the LiPo and receiver.  With this in mind here are few anomalaies to be aware of.

Riot Blue - limited edition

The Riot electric trainer type model from Century UK (aka Red Devil in the USA) is quite a tame model to fly which in turn enables novices to get into the air quite quickly and also a quick, car boot model to thrash around for experienced flyers.  An article on the Riot has been previously covered and can be found on the website.  As an OEM it is quite useable and the ability to replace parts or repair the model is always an advantage especially for new pilots.  I have written this article in response to our members who have purchased this model and have requested information on the upgrade.  The Club's Riot trainer has also been upgraded.

Never Run Your Engine Lean!

It is just as critical for a nitro engine to have adequate lubrication and cooling as it is for an vehicle engine. Some of the heat from a nitro-powered engine is removed by air from the propeller moving across the fins on the engine‚Äôs head. This is not nearly enough to keep the engine from overheating. For this reason the fuel acts as a coolant to remove the heat from the engine.