A lot of people seem to be looking to power their models now with lipo batteries therefore needing to use regulators dropping the voltage to save burning out servos. Here's a heads up on an excellent little digi switch that combines everything you need.


I've noticed that quite a lot of places are now selling the Powerbox Sensor Switch TwinBatt for between £60-£70.
This is the digi switch I have used in both my F15 turbine and Boomerang turbine.

Twin ThunderPower 2100mah 7.4v Lipos run into the switch, and a regulated 5.9v comes out the other end to power rx/servos.

So, what is the specifications?


Here's the blurb.

Power handling up to 5.0 Amps (according to heatsink) For 7.4 Volt LiPo batteries (PowerBox Battery) or 5 NC or NiMH cells Two independent linear voltage regulators, supplying 5.90 Volts Two independent electronic switches Two volt controller ( in 4 steps ) for each battery NEW Two Low voltage memory for both batteries NEW SET button for On / Off switching protection LED indicators for both power circuits Operating voltage range 4.0 to 9.0 Volts Temperature range -10° to +75° C Voltage loss approx. 0.35 Volts Weight only 35 grammes incl. all cables

No issues using 5.9v on JR servos. JR advise not to run their servos at 6v unless specifically stated. 5.9v is around what a fully charged 4cell Nicad puts out anyway.

All very neat and if the electronic switch fails it fails to 'on'. If one power supply fails, the other takes over- redundancy!

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