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If you are one of those growing bands of electric flight fans and wish to set up your Speed Controller on the bench or reprogram up at the field then this handy little tool will do the job admirably.  It will only program Hobbywing ESCs, ie; FunFly (previously known as Pentium / Fentium) and the powerful Platinum Series wether Opto or BEC in either case.  The Guard ESCswith a LiPo voltage sensing lead are discontinued.

You can preset all your preferences on the bench.

  • Brake
  • Battery Type
  • Cut-Off Type
  • Cut Off Voltage
  • Start Mode
  • Timing Mode
  • Music / Number LiPo Cells
  • Governor Mode


The unit measures just 92mm high, 52mm wide and a depth of 6mm, so pocket size it is.

On ESCs that are not High Voltage (2 - 6 cells) you have an option 16 states, ie music rhythms.

ESCs for HV (7 or more) the ESC LEDs represent the number of LiPo cells.

They do vary greatly in price from £5.65 on Fleabay to £19.99 on model shop websites.  I would be wary of purchasing one not from a genuine model shop and supplier.  Mine came from the online RC shop associated with big fish.

This little unit makes life easier for the electric user whether your a glider, helicopter and fixed wing pilot.

Setting up up is simple.  When powered up the LEDs indicate the state of the ESC programming.  By moving the LED indicators around using the buttons on the bottom of the unit you can alter the settings to preference.

My video of setting up has been corrupted but you can view an alternative short video demo here by Hobbypartz


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