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If you are one of those growing bands of electric flight fans and wish to set up your Speed Controller on the bench or reprogram up at the field then this handy little tool will do the job admirably.  It will only program Hobbywing ESCs, ie; FunFly (previously known as Pentium / Fentium) and the powerful Platinum Series wether Opto or BEC in either case.  The Guard ESCswith a LiPo voltage sensing lead are discontinued.

You can preset all your preferences on the bench.

  • Brake
  • Battery Type
  • Cut-Off Type
  • Cut Off Voltage
  • Start Mode
  • Timing Mode
  • Music / Number LiPo Cells
  • Governor Mode

Typical OS Two Stroke Carburettor

Two Stroke Glow Engine

There is a popular saying, “Takeoffs are optional, but landings are mandatory,” and for us RC pilots this is most relevant.. If your engine is not properly tuned, the landings or possible "deadsticks" can become very interesting to say the least.  Landings need precise throttle control as you begin your descent on approach.  Deadstick aptly named if your engine quits is to be avoided at all costs especially if you are downwind and have little or no chance of attempting to glide back to your field unless you have significant height when it happened.

Although questions on tuning glow engines does create many and numerous answers, just search the internet as you will be presented with hundreds or more.  However, here is our guide to setting the engine up right which we pass on to our members.

Lipo Pack for TX

Before we start:

Modifying your system in this way may invalidate your warranty and should only be carried out if you're confident to do so. Lipo batteries, like others can be dangerous if mistreated so please read all safety information about your specific battery before use.  I take no responsibility for you blowing up your transmitter, yourself, pets, etc...

A lot of people seem to be looking to power their models now with lipo batteries therefore needing to use regulators dropping the voltage to save burning out servos. Here's a heads up on an excellent little digi switch that combines everything you need.