Scale Day - Sept 2015

DH Comet Racer example

Sunday 27th, heralded WimborenMAC's second Scale Day albiet the first one in May was cancelled due to weather conditions. As Flight Director, I was up bright-n-early on the day to put out the road signs and get things organised..Sunday was warm with an EastSouEasterly swinging during the afternoon to SouSouEast and back again with wind speed averaging 8mph but gusting up to 15mph. There was a heavy dew overnight but this soon burned off.

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The Late Cyril Heath

It is with regret that we announce the death of Cyril Heath, one of our eldest active members at 84. His model flying career goes back much further than his membership of WMAC.

He has flown most of the slopes in Dorset with scale gliders, his favourite, being a Ray Jones MB339 Aermacchi PSS which he converted to propeller power for flying at Cashmoor. He also flew amphibian planes in Poole park when the park keepers weren’t looking!

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Indoor Flying - Autumn 2015

Winter indoor r/c flying at The Junction, Broadstone Leisure Centre, suitable for small models.

Thursday evenings, 20.05 - 22.00hrs. with the same cost as before at £5 per evening.

 Starting on Thursday 17 September and we can fly every week up to Thursday 17 December.

Then a break over the Christmas period, starting again on Thursday 7 January 2016 through toThursday 24 March, that is all the way up to Easter 2016.   BMFA insurance required.

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Air Display at Headcorn

models on show

A Visit to the Combined Ops Air display at Headcorn Aerodrome, Kent 15th & 16th August 2015.  At the invitation of Phil Holt, the Flying Display Director for full size activity at Bygone Days and who visited us on Slim Gregory Day, Roger Palmer, a chap called Dennis and the writer flew from Hurn in a Robin, G-ROBN built in 1978, maintained and owned by former Fleet Air Arm officer, Ralph, owner of Airtime Ltd. The Robin has a Lycoming 180 engine and cruises at a bit over 100 knots. We departed Hurn at around ten and after one hour flight time arrived at Headcorn airfield in Kent. Phil used five way points, but stayed south of that line to keep away from Gatwick traffic.

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