Wimborne Model Aero Club holds many activities and events through out the year at our Cashmoor flying site and also indoor meetings.  These events and activities are notified by email to club members or are posted on the Discussion Board in the relevant forums.

Events and competitions at Cashmoor throughout the Spring Summer seasons cover all types of fixed wing flight.

Scale Model Events are held usually twice a year and attract constructors and pilots from far and wide.  Scale models of warbirds and civilain aircraft.  True scale or "stand-off" the latter being viewed from about 5 meters away.

Control Line, once the only way to control a power model before radio control has become fashionable and popular again and we have quite few members into this tyre of flying and gaining more interest and time passes.

EDF Jet & Turbine.  A recently raised event with the plethora of ducted fan jets from the Far East constructed using EPP or EPO foam.  These generally inexpensive model jets perform just like their full size counterparts powered by Lipo (Lithium Polymer batteries)  Bringing the world of jet flight to the masses.  If you love the smell of kerosene (Jet A1) then these events are for you too.  Members and Visitors bring their scale and performance jets up to our field for a display eye candy, the roar of jet tturbines followed closely by the smell of burning Parafin, which jet fuel smell very close too but much more flammable.

Fun Days.  That's exactly what they are.  The great fun about them is the fact that the rules of any given event are changed on the fly.  For example the "Egg Drop" is in reality dropping an egg located on your model in an egg cup on to a target area.  More difficult thah you think!  Another popular competition is the Limbo.  Flying one complete circuit in one direction ,flying under the bar then another circuit from the opposite direction and do it again. each round see the bar lowered.  Last year, 2012 the bar was down two feet and we had two successful pilots complete this challenge.  Barage Balloon Popping is another exciting event.  Pop as many balloons as you can, usually by the propellor, in a given number of circuits.

Wessex 600Res.  (Partner Aero Club) These aero glider models can be home built or from a kit but must be low cost and powered by 600 class motors.  You are allowed a fixed time under power to climb to height and then to stay aloft by skill, thermals, winds or sheer luck.  This class of model is becoming more and more popular with members and other clubs.  Other than design the model must conform to a set criteria therefore giving every pilot the same chance to win points.

Slope Soaring and Combat Wings Days.  Using only the lift of the wind as it rises over a ridge or hill much fun and excitement with Combat Wings soaring overhead attempting to knock each othe rout of the sky. Don't worry!  These wings are made from highly resilient EPP foam and are nearing crashproof.  This fun event is much like Dogfighting with all the adrenalin pumping and great for novice pilots too as these wing are very low cost.  At the same time there is provision for the more serious flying of gliders, from small foamies to large scale gliders with wing span averages of 2.3 meters.  Although these Events are pre-planned they are subject unfortunately to wether there are suitable winds.

Social Club Events.  We also hold events not necessarily connected to RC flying.  Guest speakers from specialist areas of the aircraft industry, restaurant nights, bowling evenings and RC flight simulator evenings.  the latter normally on Club nights.

Charitable Events.  Several times a year we support local charities and school fairs free of charge as an aid to the local Community by putting on Static Displays of models, construction techniques and a RC Flight Simulator.  The Flight Sim gives the event's visitors the chance to fly an RC model on a large screen TV, the latter very popular with children and adults alike.  This also helps promote RC flight in general as a pastime or sport and to encourage the younger generation to get involved thus enabling the hobby to continue into the future.