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WE will probably never be able to fly the real thing but scale aero models will get us somewhere close with satisfaction.  Picture on the right looks like the real thing or is it?  Or it is a scaled down version of the real thing.  Scale or true scale?  True scale is very intensive modelling so generally for RC scale models "stand-off" will suffice. Stand-off is from about 5 meters but we won't hold you to it! 

There are lot's of ARF scale models to chose from, some better than others, thanks in some part to the Chinese although the designing may be by top aero modellers.  Picture right is a DHC Twin Otter (STOL) as used by the US Army Parachute Team.

With scale models you can be whatever you want - favourites are Spitfire, Mustang, P40 pilot.  Once these models are in the air, some having more presence than others, they appear to be the real thing.  They will have similarflying characteristics to their full size counterparts but usually the designer will make some changes to make the aircraft easier or more stable to fly.

This may entail changing wing washout or modifying the wing profile.  Cowlings may be extended to get balance and landing gear may not always be correct but we don't always quibble over it.

Although flight is likely to be very similar to the full size, take-offs and landings will need a lot more care with these models.  Roll outs can be greatly assisted by using the flaps but landing does need extra care.  Scale models don't like hard landings especially those with retractable wheel gear.  So, a good approach, glide path and gentle touchdown is recommended.

 Open Scale Days are held at least once a year.  Below are some of our Members Scale models - see more in the Photo Gallery