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Gliding generally deemed as silent flight using just the wind and/or thermals to keep the craft in the sky.  A truly fascinating side to RC flight with many people just taking up this type of flying only.

Depending on your geographical position or flying site the use of electrically assisted climb up is becoming very popular, especially now with the advent of powerful, light brushless inrunner, outrunner motors, although some classes still specify standard brushed motors.

Without power asssitance to climb up the alternatives are off a windy slope (soaring), bungee launch and the aero to(towline) by a large, powerful aircraft.  The glider once up to height releases itself from the tow hook and seeks thermals to stay aloft.

Wimborne Model Flying club has lot's of experienced pilots to this hobby with years of flight without engines.  A slightly different skill required here from powered flight - no power out of a problem - you have to fly it out!  Maybe that's the fun of it!

Too windy for general power flying?  Not a problem for WMAC members because it's off to the hills of Dorset for some fun.  Because this relys on the right weather, being always changeable the Forum updates with latest information.

All year round we fly on the slopes when the weather permits or is suitable.  However, even in high Summer the conditions can change suddenly therefore always come prepared with waterproof coat or jacket, hat and a waterproof bag to protect your transmitter.  Drinks too, hot or cold to stave off dehydration.

All year round sport from dawn to dusk.  All we ask for is a favourable wind of over 13 mph.

Join the Club and join us on the slopes.