Frequently Asked Questions - Commonly Asked Questions

FAQs - Commonly Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about the club

For current fees go to the Club Info menu and then Subs/Fees menu

YES.  Model aircraft can cause serious damage to property and people possibly even death to the latter.  An earth bound model would be covered by your personal liability insurance which is usually associated with some other insurance, ie; house or motor.

All pilots of model aircraft should have BMFA (British Model Flying Association).  Although some park flyers don't that's their risk.  It is mandatory for club members to have BMFA insurance.  We arrange this at time of joining or you can visit the BMFA website and arrange your insurance online.

Not directly as such.  We assume that anyone taking up RC flight will be able to assemble a model and install hardware.  As a member you have access to the forums where help will available in getting your purchased model assembled and set up.  Once put together, you would bring it up the field where members will help you finalise the set up and check it out for you.

At present you can download an Application form from this website, found under Club Info/Downloads/Membership Form, print it out, fill it in and along with the relevant fee in cheque form send to the Membeship Secretary.

He will complete the formailites and shortly after you will be issued with a Membership Card and Club Handbook.

As of January 2019 you can also apply on online. Instructions and details are all on the form.

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