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Can I Have Trial Flight?  Yes.  If you are new to the hobby or are genuinely interested we recommend having a trial flight or two first before outlaying any money.  This is done noramlly on a Saturday by appointment. An instructor will take you up using a buddy-box system.  Two controllers but he has the master. Imagine dual control car!

Depends on whether you intend to fly using an electric plane or glow engined.  Is it ready built (RTF)  or part built (ARF) ?

Both types require some necessary accessories.  You will need a transmitter, a receiver and if an ARF some servos and a battery pack.

Read the articles here: Gas or Glow?

Yes.  At the same time you can ask your instructor and other members for advice with regards to models.

Subscriptions run from 1st January to 31st December. 12 month period.

At present there are two levels of subscription discounts depending on the time of year you join. See menu Club Info/Subs/Fees

Yes.  The club has a number of instructors who will train you through to gaining your White Card.  The White Card signifies that you have achieves the minimum standard of control to be able to fly solo.  Instructors are volunteers and therefore this is a club member benefit but not a right.

This depends entirely on you.  You ability to control the aircraft in a safe manner and to pass the Club's basic test which includes knowledge of the Club's handbook.  Until then you will be using a Red Card and can only fly under supervision.

Normally on Saturdays, weather dependent. Once training is undertaken we recommend that members attend every available Saturday consecutively to shorten the time to solo flight.

Some Sundays depending on the instructors, although this is arranged within the Forum/Training section

We would say NO if you have never flown before. have a free trial flight first to get the feel of it. You may find it is not what you really want.

It is available all year round except Christmas Day. Flying times are 0800hrs to 2030hrs or dusk.  Sundays - No flying before 1000 hrs