Wimborne Model Aero Club: 2019

All new members are subject to a joining fee of £10. Member Renewals must be made before the end of January of present year, after which your membership of the WMAC will cease and you will need to pay the joining fee of £10. BMFA insurance MUST be in force in all cases.

Our subscription rates for 2019 wil be as follows:






Junior (under 18 on 1/1/2018)




At the 2018 BMFA AGM it was agreed that their subscription rates for 2019 would be as follows:



If you pay your BMFA fee direct or to another club you must send a copy of your 2018 BMFA certificate to the Membership Secretary. This can be photocopied and sent with your completed form or you can send it via email to the membership secretary as an attachment.



Family Senior


Family Partner


Family Junior



Then please email your form to the Membership Secretary after enclosing payment by cheque . You may make payment via bank transfer. Contact Membership secretary for details or download Form (pdf) from the Downloads section where the bank transfer details are displayed.

Visitors (Flying)

Please note that visitors fees are £5.00 per day with a maximum of 6 visits per year. Visitors must be accompanied by a WMAC member and it is the responsibility of this member to collect the visitors fee and to ensure that the visitor has BMFA insurance. The host is also responsible for explaining the WMAC site rules.




  • For new members that have carry-over membership into the following year and renew their own BMFA insurance, your new WMAC membership cannot be issued until your BMFA renewal is verified to the Membership Secretary.
  • With effect from 1st January each year nobody may fly on WMAC sites until they have renewed their BMFA insurance and note also the gate padlock will have a new combination
  • As of 2019 we can verify and check your BMFA registration  via the BMFA portal. https://bmfa.azolve.com/Account.mvc/Login?ReturnUrl=%2f