British Model Flying Association

The Club's training scheme is not the same as the BMFA scheme, therefore it allows you to fly unsupervised at our club only. To gain your A or B  certificate, a separate test will need to be carried out by a BMFA examiner. Members can enquire for more  information or wish to take a BMFA cert, can do so by posting on the forum or contact our two examiners direct, Jon Tappin, Steve Morris or Peter Willis.

 About Our Training Scheme


training imageParticipation in our fixed wing model flight training scheme requires membership of the club and is run on Saturdays March thru' October (and possibly also during week days for retired members or those who have time available mid-week). The scheme requires the purchase of flight vouchers which are £2.00 each, (available from the Membership Secretary or Training Admin) one voucher is exchanged per training flight, which lasts approximately 15-20 minutes including pre-flight briefing. With the pre-paid vouchers, all of the equipment and fuel is provided by the club and the trainee is not liable for damage to the equipment should an accident occur when using club equipment.

 It is however expected that a trainee will purchase his own model and radio equipment as soon as possible - we will then carry out the majority of the training on the trainees equipment. Because the trainee provides the fuel and bears the risk of damage when using his own equipment, the club makes no charge for these lessons. The club is  able to furnish the buddy box transmitters and leads for most popular radio equipment.  At present Futaba and Spektrum Tx's.  3 or 4 flights per day is typically the limit of concentration for a trainee and about 6 sessions is required to achieve our minimum flying requirements.

bmfa logo 100pxAn assessment is performed when we think the trainee has reached a skills level whereby they can fly safely unsupervised, and is based on a simple demonstration flight and a number of safety questions. The assessment flight must be performed by the trainee using his own model. We do not set a formal exam and we do not schedule a test date, both the trainers and the trainee tend to know when they are "ready".

We also run a parallel scheme whereby novices with their own model and equipment team up with an volunteer "uncle" who will assist with the setting up and test flights of the model, and may also provide tuition if using compatible radio equipment. This scheme is also free to the trainee.

Please be aware that all our club schemes are run entirely by volunteers and as such are a privilege of club membership rather than a right.