• Low-Cost 600RES Competition.  Sunday 18th September. The final round of the 2016 season was held in superb thermal gliding conditions at Cashmoor, the Wimborne MAC flying site. After the pilots’ briefing the event got under way with eleven pilots taking part. The event consisted of five rounds with pilots flying against each other once in the Round Robin format.

    All pilots elected to have some test flights and when Round 1 got under way expectations were high. The landing patch at Cashmoor is enormous and only one pilot landed out all day and then by only a matter of a few feet. Andrew Fellows and Jeff fellows started as they meant to continue with convincing wins. However, Bob Corfield easily outflew James Parry, Mike Sims and Chris Hague only to miss the landing patch by a small margin and score a resounding zero! Apparently, Bob’s newly fitted and untried spoiler was very efficient, hence the landing falling short of the runway. Bob did not make the same mistake twice!