• Flair Magnattila Rebuild

    magnatilla image

     When I moved house last year, the old loft needed to be cleared of 32 years of accumulated stuff including of course a hoard of models that had had one too many crashes but at the time seemed too good to throw away and the thought was - who knows, one day I might get round to repairing them. They say you’ve got to be ruthless when a loft is to be cleared and so in short order it all went into the skip.  Well I say ‘all’; in amongst the bits I found a tail plane and fin assembly plus a very broken mono wing, two ailerons and the rudiments of a wire undercarriage from a Flair Magnattila. 

  • Flair SE5a

    Flair SE5a from kit

    I bought the Flair  SE 5a kit in October 2000, just before joining Northampton MAC. This is, as thousands know, a great kit. Everything fits (apart from the dihedral braces, which are at the wrong angle and far too small).

    The airframe was straightforward, though longwinded. There are, as with all biplanes,  too many wings. There are 63 bits of wood in the top wing centre section alone. The construction uses standard Flair techniques: cappings over the wing ribs, hollow trailing edges from two pieces of 1/16, then fill between the ribs. Good instructions and well detailed plans.