Ian Matterface (Founder Member), Tony Lewis
Ian Matterface (Founder Member), Tony Lewis

The Memorial Fun Day had to be put back to the 12th August as the 5th turned out to be a horrendous day of bad weather. It was a hard call for Matt  and trying to predict the actual weather even one week ahead can be very difficult.  Well the 12th turned out ot be a bit breezy at times, up to 18mph but the weather was bright and dry.  After the pilots briefing at 10 am the first fun slot was the Climb n Glide. 30 secs of power the motor off, then stay up as long as possible finally gliding back to the runway.  The breezy conditions would help too.  Also present were invited guests who were members of the club when it was in it's infancy.  Tony Lewis and Ian Matterface.

Colin was first up using the mode one TX master and then Phil Ford on the mode 2 slave. He was doing quite well and then suddenly lost control.  The Master TX had accidently got knocked taking away Phil's slave TX control. The Wot 4 tumbled out of the sky from 300 feet into the south field.  Totally destroyed.  It was decided that the Climb n Glide was postphoned or discontinued for now.  We then moved on to the timed spot landing.  Anyone regardless of flying expertise can participate in this funfly.  Drawing out of a bag of times a bit like a raffle, you pull one out and this is length of time you have from wheels off to the time the wheels touch down.  Great fun!

Lunch time approached so it was time for the BBQ provided by the club.  Teas, coffees and canned drinks plus cakes and snacks.  Inbetween fun fly spots there was time for some general sport flying including the now notorious 64mm EDF Korean War squadron.

With the wind really picking up by early afternoon it was decided to cancel the Golf Ball Bomb Drop, another favourite but due the weather not all members would want to fly in the conditions.  So, the only event left was the Limbo. This event was only attempted by those members with experience with small EDF jet and just one prop Racer.

  • Winner of the spot landing was Jon Tappin now the proud owner of the much sought after Club Mug
  • Winner of the Limbo was Pete Mumford who goes away also with the Club Mug

Many thanks go to those members who got there early and assisted with the setting up of the event.  Thanks go to John Bannister for manning the BBQ again.

Sunday the 20th August quite a few members were at Cashmoor and as the conditions were ideal and we were looking for some fun. We decided we would run the Golf Ball Bomb Drop.  Lots of laughter and fun.  All those there were able to fly the event and the three closest to the target  were in the fly-off.  Well done to Dave Rogers who won the impromptu event. Dave now is the proud onwer of a Club Mug for excellent target skills.

As the event came to a close David Tappin and Ray Ivey gave their memories of how the club started and the ups and downs over the years to where we are now.

A Video Photo Album of photos of members over the years will be available in late September after the EDF & Jet Day.