Monday 20 August 2018


A glorious May Saturday with pure blue skies and 22 degrees. A fairly big turn out of members too with some training getting done.  During an intermission the plan was to fly all the warbirds present at the same time. Unfortunately the FW190 did not fly due to the pilot brewing another cup of tea.  There were two Spitfires though, one a four stroke and a 40 size 2 stroke ready. Use them then and fly as wingleader and wingman. Things did not go to plan and the wingman dropped out early leaving the Spitfire MKII to strafe the runway at low level avoiding any possible radar contact..................


Spitfire (Below the Radar?) Video



0 #1 Jimmy 2018-05-07 15:49
Yes there were a lot of flies around on the hot afternoon
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