A fairly recent creation when flying is held off due to weather and stuck at home with idle fingers. Based on a JP 48 inch wing span slope soarer. Custom made fuselage to hold the ESC, flight battery and receiver. The extended nose balances out the weight of the motor. Power train is SK3 3536 1400kv, 60 amp Hobbywing ESC. Usual battery is a 4 cell 1800mah but will squeeze a 2200maH if compact.




launch ramp 300 It has a hook on the underside as it is designed to be bungy launched off a foot operated ramp. Initial launch pull is 17lbs.

Recently added a camera mount for HD video. Another member of our club also has a powered wing with a hook installed so great fun chasing each other! Scenery is north Dorset in England.

The image shows Colin preparing for launch from my 2 meter custom ramp with foot control. Foot control means you can have both thumbs on the sticks ready for any eventualities!



Video - runtime 5 mins




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