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Maiden flight of a 5 foot flying wing with scratch built fuselage, INAV flight controller. winglets are modified Eflite Opterra and detachable. Motor SK3 1250kv on 4 cells and 10x 7 prop. Launched using a bungy ramp at 19 lbs initial pull. Two cameras, RunCam Eagle Pro in nose and top deck a Mobius HD cam on a 60 degree panning servo.

Flew it round in manual mode checking for the stall speed and how it handles in the turns, etc. Throttle-wise it seemed happy to fly at 1/3rd to half throttle but anything above that there was no noticeable increase in speed at all. Oh well sort that out at home. Down on the ground to a look at the flight recorded data on the monitor screen. Yep, 24 amps max drawn. Video was not at all bad and there were some black spots but that may be down to the fact that the video receiver was next the club house, etc and not out in the field on a tripod.

Video Run Time 3m 45 secs