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scale day poster

After three years without our annual Open Scale Day due to weather and then Covid we finally held the popular event.  The event landed perfectly with dry warm weather near ly cloudless skies but with a light Northerly crosswind.  After quite long period of no rain the runway still had a good green colour. The earth banks around the field had quite high weed growth and this was cut down over a period of three days and the runway mowed on the Friday by John B.   Another first was the full use of the BBQ at one of our events.  Open Scale Day was advertised to local clubs and we had quite few from Salisbury MFC and Phoenix.  As usual and expected we had a good number of warbirds at all scale sizes.

The BBQ manned by volunteer chefs Matt and David Poole was very busy at lunchtime and was enjoyed by all.  Catering worked out about right with virtually no leftovers and wasted food.  Quite few members families came along too enjoying the day out, food and the flying.

Animated Photo Book  runtime 3m 19.


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