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05 Jan 2021 18:54 #23990 by Denis Murphy
Superb Customer Service was created by Denis Murphy
I recently purchased a Fusion 2 fun-fly model from evolution-models.com I built the model and started fo fit it out. The elevator and rudder controls are on a pull pull system and use very thin cI wire and crimps. After setting up the rudder first with my normal two crimps per end i.e 8 in total, I realised when I came to do the elevator I did not have enough crimps! I looked online but could not see crimp tubing in a small enough diameter. I emailed Gavin at Evolution models and explained my situation. This morning a small package arrived with extra cl wire and a packet of crimps. I emailed Gavin asking how much I owed him and he said it was "on the house"

I know most of the model outlets we all deal with have great customer service. I just though I'd mention this company as I think they went beyond what it would be reasonable to expect. I ought to mention that I have no links with evolution-models.com only as a very happy customer.

Will maiden this when lockdown is over, hopefully not adding to to my list of model fatalities!

Stay safe.


p.s. I thought about putting this post in Acts of Stupidity, but could not bear the thought of appearing there twice in such a short time.
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05 Jan 2021 20:44 #23991 by Mike Seale
Replied by Mike Seale on topic Superb Customer Service
Sounds like a good company to do business with.
FYI, balsacabin sell closed loop ferules in a pack of 8 under 'other accessories'.

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06 Jan 2021 10:26 #23993 by Colin Arnold
Replied by Colin Arnold on topic Superb Customer Service
I have had superp service from
T9 Hobby Sport when sourcing
compatible FrSky receivers
for my older pre E.U Tarinis Tx.
Answered emails promptly &
items delivered next day.
Easy company to deal with.


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06 Jan 2021 12:16 #23997 by Brian Jackson
Replied by Brian Jackson on topic Superb Customer Service
I really envy all you chaps getting good customer service. I'm still suffering with not only IKEAITIS, but I've just been diagnosed as having a collapsed wallet as well. I thought it would be a "good idea" to change from gas cooking to electric. The new hob is an induction type. I bought new cookware from a well known British manufacturer, they accepted my order and assured me of "next day" delivery. Next day didn't bring the pots and pans, it brought an email apologising for the fact that there would be a delay of up to five days, and if I accepted this, they'd give me 15% off my next order. I added a couple more items, placed the order and sat back and waited. Two weeks later the first part of my order arrived, good oh! I thought, At least we can boil and fry stuff. Two days later a parcel arrived, but didn't have the items I'd ordered. Unfortunately the label with our address and the Order Number and tracking number were all correct, but some plastic spoons and a cake tin in the parcel weren't on our order. Subsequent emails to customer services produce an automated message saying "Your enquiry has been updated". This eventually became "Your problem has been solved and your order will be with the carrier within three days". Since then there has been a stony silence. The second order was placed on Dec 4th. The only sign of hope that this will eventually get sorted is that the packer of the parcel inadvertently left the "Pick List" in the box. I know who the stuff is for and where it should have been sent. In desperation I tried to contact the owner of the spoons and cake tin. Then I really got confused, they don't seem to have a 'phone number, but they do have nine people with the same surname living at the address.
If the supplier doesn't send someone to collect the spoons and cake tin, I might try a little percussion, the tunes played on a cake tin with a plastic spoon will, of course, be quite simple, but with a bit of luck will annoy my next door neighbour so much that he'll eventually close his lavatory window. But that's another story.
I suppose this rambling entry should have been in "Tales of the Unexpected"!
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06 Jan 2021 13:43 #23999 by Phillip Ford
Replied by Phillip Ford on topic Superb Customer Service
Your stuff was probably still in a 40 ft container sitting on a ship that could not dock because there was no space. So, the ship went to Antwerp. There the stuff had to hand balled out and put in a truck driven by a "foreigner" who then turn ed up at Calias and was turned back due to having no Covid test cert. Meanwhile the money you had paid is now paying staff on staggered shift patterns to send out "customer service apology" mails to keep you stalled and no asking for refund. Finally your stuff arrives in the UK. It is happily sitting on the loading bay waiting for some knob to check it in then pass it to Dispatch where it sits for another day. Dispatch person has been told to self-isolate for 14 days so another person has to cover his/her job. It is now picked up by the Courier company who are so busy with the massive amount of online shopping going on, your stuff has not been given priority and so you wait some more in the hope that it does not get lost, delivered to wrong address or the worse thing in my opinion is the "No-one at home, left card, please contact us for a 2nd or 3rd re-delivery") even though you have been in all day, because the driver could not be arsed to do all the deliveries planned for the day.

That "new toy" of mine was ordered from Gear4Music in Warrington at 10am on Tuesday. Free delivery by DHL. Two hours later DHL says we will be delivering your item between 10.30 - 11.30 Wednesday. I am now playing with it.;)
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